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“Small steps taken continuously will get you miles ahead on the road to success.”  Jason Harvey


Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn today.  Now, here is what I want to sell you, so how about an appointment tomorrow?


Now that we are connected, it is time for you to become my customer.  Here is how you can get started.


Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn.  I will have my sales rep call you tomorrow to get you started on our process.


I guess this quote says it well:

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you learn how to do it well.”  Steve Brown


This is what you call using LinkedIn poorly.


Yes, it is the way many people think they can and do use LinkedIn.  Does it work?






You are running me over like a steamroller – let me up please.

I like to be aggressive, but you are just being rude.


You don’t even know me yet.


Where is that disconnect button?


Zap – they are gone, forever.


LinkedIn is a networking tool; to use LinkedIn effectively, you have to follow the same networking rules that you do in building in-person relationships.


Build a relationship first.


However, so many people on LinkedIn just want to run you over – like a steamroller.  Well to think of it, so do many people at live events, but that is another article for another day.


If you want to build a great relationship by using LinkedIn, here are 3 keys to help you get things rolling toward greater success.


1/        Say Hello.

            Thanks for connecting with me.

            I look forward to learning more about you.

            I will connect back with you.


            That’s all folks!  That is a simple, easy start.


            Note: If I am looking for what you are selling and really want to connect, then I will push the relationship further.  But, as the seller, you need to step back just a bit.  I love it when the other person wants to buy, and I am ready to sell.   However, it’s important to let the buyer make that first move this early in the relationship.


2/        Read their profile.

            Then ask a couple of questions about them.

            Not if they need life insurance or need a printer.

            Ask questions about them; work on your relationship building first.


            I see you are part of this group, how do you like it?

            What is it that makes you different from other people in your business?

            I enjoyed your article, but here is a question I have about it.


3/        Ask to learn more.

            It’s great to be connected.

            Could we do 15-30-minute call, so I can learn more about you and how I might help you and share a bit about myself?


            I do agree that if we are connected, we should learn more about each other and build a relationship.  Otherwise, why did we connect in the first place?



I am aggressive about growth.  Remember my process is “Double Your Sales.”

But you need to work the relationship first, not run the prospect over.


LinkedIn is a great networking tool.  You can find the exact people you are looking for.  You can double your sales.  However, you still have to build a relationship first.


What are you doing differently this year than you did last year?  If you don’t have a strong answer, then how are your results going to be any different?


Here are two things for you to look at.


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“Most failure is simply due to the fact that we take the line of least persistence.”  Norman Vincent Peale


“Refuse to settle for anything less than everything God has for you.” Joyce Meyer


“No man is ever whipped until he quits – in his own mind.” Napoleon Hill


In everything you do in life, sports and business, it really
comes down to doing the basics.

When you are having a problem in a sport – the coach always
tells you to go back and work on the basics.

Practice the basics and then see what happens.

How come in sales, we always think we are way past that?

Let me ask you how much you practiced your skill last week?

Sales people are often offended when I mention practice.

Practice – are you kidding me? I have been doing this for
20 years.

Practice – do I look like a trainee?

Practice, me, what for? I am already great.

It is amazing how professional athletes practice more than they play.
In football they play 1 hour a week or less.  
In basketball, they might play 2 hours a week at most.

Do you know how much time professional football and basketball
players spend practicing?

Do you know how much time they spend on the basics?

Do you think that the two teams going to the Superbowl are not
going to be practicing all week?

So, what about you, when was the last time you practiced your
selling skills?

Start today and work on it for ½ hour every day, in the car, on the treadmill,
laying in bed – practice your selling skills.

You will be totally amazed by what happens and how much better you get.

Do you want to win the super bowl of sales or keep missing the playoffs?

Watch this video on today’s article – click here.



Some simple things to work on?

1.    Record yourself and then play it back.
       Do you really sound as good as you think?  
       Or have you become weak?
       How is your voice doing?
       How clear are you speaking?
       It sounds a whole lot different hearing yourself on a recorder.

2.    How well do you know your products?
       When was the last time you changed up your presentation –
       is it starting to sound like an old record?
       Add something new, change things around, practice and get it smooth.    

3.    How well do you know your competitors’ products?
       When was the last time you studied their stuff?
       Practice answering a question a client might ask.

4.    How is your listening?
       Take time and listen to some educational stuff or other people talking.
       Did you really get what they where saying?
       Take time and listen to your spouse.
       Take time and listen to your children.
       Practice understanding what was really said.

5.    Work with a partner.
       Let some else who is honest tell you how you are doing.
       Let them play the buyer.
       Would they buy from you?  
       Where do you need improvement?

These are just a few things that you can practice.
Remember that to be great in sports, music and most other things in life,
you need to practice – now apply that logic to selling.

I know you think you are that good.

And as I always say – it is very critical to be positive and have that great attitude.

However, just like in sports and entertainment – to stay on top you have
to practice.

If you want to stay on top in selling – then you better start practicing every day.

Could you use some help to get there?

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