Teddy Roosevelt said, “the most important single ingredient to the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”


Nick McCormick in his book “Lead Well and Prosper” says, “Often managers get so caught up in what they are doing (and what they are being told to do), they ignore the fact that they are actually dealing with people”


My comment is really simple, people do what people see, so if you are wondering why your people do something, take a look at what you are doing – chances are they learned it from you.


So how are you doing when it comes to working with people?  More importantly, how are your leadership skills with people?  If your people rated you on a scale of 0-10, where 10 is superstar and 0 is the worst, where do you rate yourself.  Where would your team rate you?


This week I am going to start with the first thing you should be learning when it comes to working with othere. Listen to your people.


 I mean really taking the time to hear what they say.  We all talk about how we are listening to our people, but are we really. 


I was a fly on the wall in Jane’s office the other day.  She was talking with one of her lieutenants, Jason. 

She really was suppose to be listening to Jason.  However, she keep looking at her computer, screen and entering some data.  The phone rang and she had to check the caller id.   Her cell phone rang and she had to answer it.  Some email came in and she had to responding to it. 


All this was going one while one of her lieutenants, Jason, was trying to bring a point across which he really needed her to listen to and understand.  Just remember, the people who report to you can not grab you by the collar and say, “hey, I need you to listen to me”.  But they might want to.


There is almost nothing worse than a leader who says, “hurry up will you, I have important stuff to do and I can’t sit here listening to you all day”.  You do not have to say the words to put this message across, your actions say them many times louder than your words.


One of the best ways to listen is to take the person to a room where there are no distractions, leave your cell phone in your office.  This week, just try just listening to your people. I will guarantee you that they will love it.  They will learn a whole new respect for you.  Their productivity will go up greatly.


Number one – listen – really listen.