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10 Keys to Success in Your Life


1/       You have to control your time.

            When you control your time, you control your day.

            Don’t let any else have control over your day.

            Set your plan and execute it.

            Unless it is “REALLY” an emergency, it can wait.


2/       You have to take control of your money.

            Give, save and manage your cash.

            Give 10% away.

            Save 10%.

            Live on 50% – spend that for what you must have.

            The other 30% – use for the things you really want in life.

            Then if anything happens, you can actually live on 50% less.


3/       You have to spend time with God every day.

            No compromise.

            No being too busy.

            Take time every day to be thankful, to reflect and to enjoy all you have.

            Say a prayer.

            Help someone who may never be able to return the favor.

            Live God’s way – you will be amazed.


4/       You have to plan your day, schedule it and execute the plan.

            Simple process.

            The night before – this what I am going to do tomorrow.

            This is what my day looks like, scheduled.

            Then all you have to do is follow the plan.

            End of discussion.

            Never said it was easy.


5/       You have to have goals.

            Long-term – where are you planning on being in 25 years.

            Yes, I said 25 years.  That way you always are looking to the future.

            Even if you are 60 – look out 25 years and amaze yourself and the world.

            Mid-term -3-5 years.

            Short-term – 1 year.

            Today – 3 things you will do today.


6/       You have to take action.

            Stop talking about it.

            Stop thinking about it.

            What are 3 things you can do today that will take you to where you want to be.  Then do them.


7/       You have to take care of your health.

            If you don’t, all the rest really do not matter.

            You don’t have to have a 6 pack, but do you need to be healthy.

Exercise every day – yes you have time.  If you have a heart attack and you survive, you will find time to walk.  So find the time now.

            You are no good to yourself or your family if you don’t do this.

            Stop thinking about it, today.


8/       You have to take time for your family.

            Just listen to the old song by Harry Chapin.

            Cats in the Cradle.


            Need I say more?


9/       You have to have a mentor(s).

            Someone who has done what you want to do.

            Someone to look up to.

            They can be older or younger.

            You can have more than one.

            You can know them or just study their stuff.

            But who do you want to be when you grow up.

            As you grow, you may change who they are.

            But always have a mentor.


10/    You have to hang out with the right people.

            You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

            Who are they?

            Are they challenging you?

            Are they making you step up?

            Are you being the best you can be because you hang out with them?


There you have it – ten keys to success.

Follow them and you will be amazed.


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onesheet MABC Version c4-page-001

“You want me to make your decisions for you!

You want someone else to make the decision!

You want to procrastinate hesitate and think about it.


Make a decision will you please.”



The famous words of my boss many years ago in my first management review.


Decision Making – the great weakness in America today.


We try and teach people to lead.

But we often forget the most important piece of leadership.

The ability to make a decision – now!




When I attended a conference in LA earlier this year I kept hearing the same thing, “why can’t our leaders make decisions.”


My former boss and mentor Nate taught me many years ago.

“Manny, make a decision and start moving forward.

When you make a decision, things start to move.

If you make the wrong decision, all you have to do is make another one to correct it.

But make a decision now and start moving forward.”


Nate was teaching, “It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission,” Long before it became popular.


If you want to be a great leader, then you have to learn to make decisions.


Start today to make decisions.


Stop thinking so hard.


Look at what you know.


Then, make a decision and start moving forward.

If you need to make corrections, it is easy, just make another decision.


Want to be part of the 5% that are different, or the 95% that are like everyone else?


It is lonely and hard and can be very stressful at the top – but!

Making a decision requires you to put it out there.

It requires taking a risk.

It requires standing up when everyone else is sitting down.

It requires you to put your values on the line.

It means that many times you won’t be liked!

Are you looking to be popular – or are you looking to make a real difference?

Looking to make a difference, or just go along with the program?


Those who make decisions are real leaders.  Those that don’t are just people in leadership positions going nowhere.


Which one do you want to be?

 Join us at our up coming boot camp and learn, participate, enjoy and start being part of the 5%.

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Are you looking for the keys to the castle?

The way to take your Business to the next level?

The way to create a more successful and growing business?


These 12 keys are what I have learned will help you drive success in your business.


This is the process that I have used to help my clients build super companies.  It is a set of rules, technics and tools that I learned from some of the best and most successful business owners out there.  Those who do it so well and so successful.


Most successful businesses I have worked with live by them.


So today I just want to share an overview of them with you.  Then as the months go on, we will share additional insight into each one.


If you have any input or comments on these or others, please share them with me.  I will be putting this all together in a new book to be released either later this year or early 2015.  Maybe when I am done there will be 15 or 20, but for now, these are 12 keys that are critical.  They are in no particular order.


Love them or leave them, but they do work.



1/        Selling is the most important thing you do.

Close some business.

Forget all the rest until you get this piece working.

You don’t need that nice office, those beautiful business cards, or even great systems, you need sales.

If you don’t close business you don’t survive – it is that simple.

All you need to start is a business card, a phone, an idea and lots of drive.


2/        To build great amounts of business, you need marketing.

If you want to build a company that makes money.

Then you have to support your selling with marketing.

You have to generate the leads.

You have to start getting the phone to ring.

You have to get people to take action on the web.


3/        Delegate or die doing everything.

Determine what you are good at and what you are not good at.

Delegate what you don’t to well to someone else.

Get an assistant, a right hand person.

Surround yourself with people who are better, sharper and have greater potential than you do and lead them to success.


4/        Set goals, have a plan and Aim high

If you don’t know where you are going, you will definitely not get there.

If you aim high and you only get ½ way there you will still succeed.

And measure where you have gone.


5/        Get a CRM system and use it

You cannot track, manage or build a successful business without a CRM system.  And you are crazy if you try.

Excel and Outlook are great products, but they are not a CRM system.

Yes, you need it.


6/        Network and build relationships

Most of your business in most small organizations comes from relationships.

If you can’t network – learn.

If you are shy, get over it.

If you don’t have time, make it.


7/        Forget about going back

Stop thinking you can just go back if this fails.

Burn the ships.

There is no going back.

You have to make it work.

Either commit or forget it.


8/        Cash is.

Everything, anything and the only thing.

If you don’t have it, you are done.

Double the estimate you think you need

Double the expenses you think you will have

Cut the revenue projection in half

You have to have cash, which means you have to be making money.

No profit, no cash, no business – remember it and live it.


9/        Time if the only thing more critical to manage than cash.

Be proactive and not reactive

No one else controls you time.

You can create great things if you get this one under control.

Otherwise you will be working 16 hours a day and going crazy.


10/     Get some advisors and listen to them.

Get a coach.

Get a number of mentors.

Get a board of advisors.

And listen to them.

Spend time, money and energy on self-development.

No one can do it himself or herself.


11/     Lead The Way

Walk the walk.

Be tough when you have to be.

Be firm when you need to be.

Be fair, always.

Make decisions, now.


12/     Share the wealth

The greatest success comes to those who share

A little of a lot is more than a lot of a little, I don’t know who said it.

But wow is it ever true.

Share because you didn’t do it yourself.



There you have it, now go do it.

When was the last time you woke up and
knew you could hit a homerun?

When was the last time you arrived at
the ballpark and knew you could
hit a homerun?

When was the last time you stepped
to the plate and believed you could
hit a homerun?

Actually, when was the last time you
hit a homerun?

Everyday we encounter endless people,
situations and other things that try
to stop us from achieving all we can.

If we let them get in our way, then
we are done. If we let them take
our mind off of the focus we are
going for, then we are done.

So, when was the last time you woke up
and knew you could hit a homerun?

I hope it was this morning, but if it wasn’t,
then it is time to re-think, time to re-tool,
time to regenerate the motivation it takes
for you to wake up and believe you can do it.

If you cannot get up and know you can
do it, then guess what? It is not going to

As Robert Schuller puts it, “Focus means
learning to say ‘NO’ to distractions”.

Granted, there is so much standing in
your way, that unless you are really
determined, it will stop you. Unless
you are focused on making it, you will
James Merrit puts it very well, “as you
look out, what do you see, stumbling
blocks or stepping stones”?

Think about it, do you look out do see
things as stoppers or as opportunities?

Do you look at the things that stand
between you and success as stumbling
blocks that will stop you, or do you simple
change them to stepping stones and use
them to achieve your goal?

You know, the choice is yours. As we
have said many times before, it is
your attitude, you determine how to use
it, no one sets your attitude but you.

So step number one – get up and know
you can hit the homerun. Walk out
into the kitchen knowing you can do it.

Walk out and share with those in
your home that
“I am going to do it today”.

Walk around with it written all over
your face –
“I can hit the homerun today”.

Remember as Robert Schuller further
says, “setting the goals is easy, but
announcing it to those you love,
announcing it to others, that really
takes courage”.

Now, when you get to your business,
your job or simply when you start
your day at home, keep that positive attitude.

Don’t listen as others complain.

You have arrived at the ballpark
and you know that today you can
hit that homerun.

Will you definitely hit it today?

Maybe not, but that should never stand in
the way of knowing you can do it.

Walk in with the attitude, “I can hit
the homerun today.”

Then, as you step to the plate.

Whether the plate is a phone call to a
customer for more business, a visit
to a prospect to close a deal, a
presentation to a large group of
prospective buyers, or simply doing your
regular job, always know you can
hit that homerun.

Know that no mater what happens,
no matter how it turns out, you
stepped to the plate and you knew
you could hit the homerun.

I guarantee you one thing, if you
don’t step to the plate knowing you
can do it, you hardly ever will do it.

So, you woke up and knew you could
hit the homerun, you arrived knowing
you could do it, you stepped to the plate
knowing you could do it, now do it.

If you continue to follow those 3 simple
steps you will hit more homeruns
than anyone else in your organization,
you will become the super star you
want to become, you will make it happen.

Yes, you might end up striking
out more than others, but you will end
up with more success than others
as well.

Go for it, hit the homerun.

Remember, Failure Creates Success.