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“Power, the ability to control and influence circumstances.”  Dr. Myles Monroe

The amazing thing that happens when you sit down and do a one on one with someone is that you learn amazing stuff.  Stuff you never thought this person did, knew about or was in anyway involved in.  It is so great to learn about people.


I was having a one on one with a prospect the other day.  This person was in the construction business.  Custom cabinets.  Very nice and very high end stuff.  I was amazed at the product.  The amazing thing I learned from the one on one was that prior to doing this business, the person was an international banker who knew people and still had connections on 5 continents.  Did I need some help making a connection in China?  Did I need a referral in England?  I did not, but you might.


Don’t assume who someone is by what they are doing today. 


Don’t say, like so many people, “they can’t help me.” 


How do you know if someone can help you before you really spend some time with him or her and learn about him or her?  If you are into building relationships, then take time to do one on ones.  They are where the real power of building powerful relationships is.



One on one’s are the gold of follow up and relationship building.  They open up doors that you never thought could be opened.


So, the next step in continuing to follow up is to do a one on one meeting. 


For me, if I see someone on my list is opening and reading the newsletters over an extended period, then I am going to try and set up a one on one meeting.  This signals to me that they have an interest and I better see how I can help them.


If I go to LinkedIn and see a person has amazing connections that I want to meet, I am going to request a one on one with them.   If they are connected to the people I want to meet and want to work with, then I have to start the relationship with them.


A one on one is a key piece of follow up.  This is when you really start to get deep. 


This person is willing to given you an hour or so of their time to sit down and talk, so what are you going to do with that time?



First, make sure you have many questions ready to ask.  More questions than you could ever get to.  You never know if the person is quiet, or if the person is a talker.  If they are a talker, you will be fine, but if they are quiet, you could blow through a bunch of questions before they ever open up to you.


Next, make sure you do your research on the person.  Don’t ask questions that are so easy to find online.  This makes people think you have not done any homework.


Third, I suggest you make a list of people you both know.  Then talk about the ones you have a good relationship with.  However, make sure you let the other person lead.  You do not want to put your foot in your mouth by talking well about someone they do not like.  If they take the lead, you will stay in a safe area.


Next, make a list of people they are connected with that you might want to meet.  These are the people who you want to connect to.  If you don’t ask, then how will you ever get connected?  But, it is important to ask with grace and patience.  Don’t go forward pushing, go forward asking.


Don’t say, “so you know Joe, could you introduce me?”


Instead say, “so I see you know Joe, how long have you two known each other? 

Do you do work together?  Etc.” 


Keep asking.  You might be surprised by the response– “would you like me to introduce you?”  Yes, yes, yes.


Make sure that when you meet you make it your number one goal to listen. 

Then to learn. 

Then to help. 


If you move in this way, you will be amazed at what you can get out of the relationship.


It is amazing what you can learn if you do the one on one effectively.


It is not about what they do, it is about whom they know.

Let’s face it; most people will never want to buy what you sell.

However, they just might know many people that do and if you follow up and stay connected and build a lasting relationship, they might just introduce you to them.


I have gotten some of my greatest business simply because I followed up and in that follow up, I ask for a one on one meeting.

In that one on one meeting, I listened, took notes, and was really interested.


At some point, maybe not today, tomorrow next week or even next year.

But if I continue to stay connected, then at some point, this follow up will yield business.   That I can guarantee you.


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I have had it with people I meet at an event for

the first time, thinking I am ready to

buy what they have to sell.


How about you?


No wonder people hate networking.

No wonder buyers and senior executives do not attend such events.


Why would you send an email to someone

you only just met at a networking event

saying: “Here is a list of what I do, please

review and let me know what I can do for you?”


Why would you call me and try to schedule

a meeting to review my needs when I do not

even know you yet, and you do not know me?


Why do you think I am interested in

what you have to sell if I do not even

know who you are yet?


Amazing, and it never stops amazing me that people do these things.

Every week I get them.

Every week I write, speak and teach about networking, but is anyone listening?


You have to build a relationship with a person before they are going to buy anything.

You have to learn a little bit about them.

You have to make them feel important and like you care.


I don’t know you, so what would ever give you the idea I am interested in what you sell?


Building a relationship with people is one of the greatest weaknesses most people have in business today.

They simply move from “hello” to “get your wallet out”.

From “nice to meet you” to “which one of these would you like to buy?”


Ever wondered why you are not successful both off-line and on-line when it comes to selling? 

Relationship building is required in both.


Ever think it just might be you have not taken the time to learn a little about the other person?


Three simple keys:

1/        Get to know the other person.

            Ask questions.


            Make them feel as though you are interested and you are willing to take some time to know who they are.


2/        Invest some time in the relationship.

            Schedule a one on one meeting.

            Go see the other persons business.

            Learn a little about them and their business.


3/        Ask how you can help them.

            One of the greatest sales people ever, Zig Ziglar, put it very simply,

            “the best way to get business for yourself is to help someone else get business for themselves.”

            If you help someone with what they need, then you start to create a relationship.

            If you create a relationship with me, I might just be interested in what you have to sell.



You mean that is all there is to it?


This week and this coming year.

Change the way you do business.

Start to listen to what others need.

Start to help others get what they need.

You will be amazed at what happens to your business.

People buy from people they like

“How you sell the business is how you’ll lose it. If you get the business solely on price, you’re likely to lose it on price.”

When was the last time you made a purchase from someone you didn’t like?

Did you have a choice in the matter?

If you had a choice, I am sure you passed on the product /service because of the sales person.

Face it: We buy from people we like.

We buy from organizations we like.

We do not buy from people we do not like.

We do not buy from organizations we do not like.

Fact is:
If we don’t like the person we had to buy from, we won’t buy there again.

Fact is:
Price will become secondary.

Many might argue this point, but let’s ask ourselves some further questions:

Do people like you?

If not, why would they buy from you?

Do people like your organization?

Do you ever buy from a company you don’t like, if you have a choice?

Do you go way out of your way for people?

When was the last time you did something for a stranger and expected nothing in return?

Are you willing to be humble?

Do you know what “humble” means?

Would people you know and/or have talked with feel bad about buying from someone else? If so, you have started to rock.

If my customer buys from someone else and does not lose sleep, then I have not done my job.

Have you ever had a customer come back and confess, asking for forgiveness?

Now you have a customer for life, if you take care of him/her.

Try this simple exercise:

Ask yourself, “Why should people buy from me?”
Great product.
Great customer service.
Because it is convenient

Make a list of 10 reasons. Do it, right now.

Now ask yourself, “Would someone buy from me?”

Because we have a relationship.
Because they like me?
Because I take great care of they.

Make a list of 10 reasons why they would. Do it, right now.

What did you learn? Would you buy from you even though you should?

Well, if you wouldn’t buy from you – why would you ever think I would?

First you have to believe that you would buy from you.

If you would buy from you, then so would others.

But remember, you have to do an honest assessment.
We all have relationships in many aspects of our lives. We all have people with whom we play and socialize. These are people we like.

So why is it so hard to think of business that way, to think of selling in this manner––with people we like? Why would it be any different?

We do business with people we like.
If I asked you for a list of people you buy from that you are happy with, how many do you have a relationship with?

How many do you like? So, if you buy that way, why would someone else buy another way?

If people like you, they will buy from you.

If they don’t like you they will not.

You better believe it!

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Are you using Linkedin to generate business?

Is it working for you?

 How are you using it?

Are you getting what you expected?


How can you do it better?


Linkedin is one of the most powerful tools out there for generating business.

Yet, so many people are not using it the way they could.


This article is a simple introduction to help you learn a little more about the tool and to help you to start using it for generating business.

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So how can you use Linkedin to generate business?

There are so many people on Linkedin.

I have been able to find people I have not connected with in years.

It is the gateway to building new relationships, rebuilding old relationships and generating business.


But it does not do it for you, it simply opens the door.

Linkedin is a tool.


If you are looking for companies and connections, where should you start.

Let’s look at one simple example.


You first have to define what you are looking for:

Example 1:   I am looking for:

Small business owners (Owner, CEO, President).

In the Service industry.

In the state of New Jersey.

Who are connected to someone I know well.


Example 2:  I am looking for:

Purchasing agents.

Medical supplies business.

In the Greater Northeast.

Who are connected to someone I know well.


The key here is to use the gold you have first.

Start with the people in your network that you know well – they are your gold.

Find one person you know very well who you know will help you.

A person who has 200+ connections.


Now take time and look through their connections.

Find the connections that meet your criteria.

Make a list of them.

Start conservative, find 20-25 that fit well.

That is enough for now


Now pick up the phone and call your friend.

Hi, Mary, this is Manny.

I was just going through your connects on Linkedin and found some people you know that I would like to connect with.

Can we get together (phone of in person) and discuss the list.


If you would like to go through my connections before the meeting and see who you would like to connect with, I would be happy to help you as well.

I can send you my list before we get together so you can look through them.


That is it.

Now when you two get together.

Your friend will have gone though the list you sent, crossed off all the people she does not really know that well.


The original list of 20-25 is now down to about 10.

But they are 10 that will work.


You now go through the list and talk about the people she can connect you with.

After this, you might be down to 5-6 really good connections for you.


The best method at this point is if your friend, right then, will pick up the phone and make the connection and set up a time for you to call the person.

That is not always convenient.

Nor does everyone want to do it that way.

So, if they call later, that will work as well.


The other method is for them to send an email and make the connections.

That works also, but the phone is so much more powerful.

And so much more successful.


What if you did this with just one person a week for the next 6 months.

And each one connected you with just 3 people.

3 x 26 equals 78 connections.

If you close only 8, and perhaps started a relationship with another 8.



Start using Linkedin to generate business.

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We are afraid to get a “no” and
we may be even more afraid to
give a “no.”

We would rather give a:
“Let me think about it”
“I will get back with you”
“I have to talk to my boss.”

But so many times all this is, is
a simple smoke screen for “no.”

Why can’t we just say “no.”

If you tell me “no,” then I can
take some action.
Both of us can move forward.

If you keep me hanging, then I
just keep hanging.

What am I going to do when this
person calls me back?

Why didn’t I just say “no” and end
it, now I still have to deal with it.

What are they going to think when
I don’t make the event, I know
I can’t get there.

Why can’t we just say it?

No, I am not interested in your product.
This allows the person to either
come up with another technique
or move on.

No, I can’t do that for you.
This allow the person to
find someone else to do it,
or do it themselves. Why do
we hold back the process.

No, I will not be there.
Now you can invite someone
else. Now you do not have to
spend the evening waiting for the

Instead, we say, “let me think about it.”

This is a new year.
Are you ready to focus your time,
energy and resources in the right
Start learning to say, “no,” as soon
as you believe it is true.
Start pushing others for an answer,
not a delay.

Three simple things you can do
this year to help you.

1/ Trust you judgement
When you know you are not
going to buy, say, “no thank you.”

When you know this is not the
right product or service for you
say, “no.”

When you know there is no way
you can get there, say, “no I will
not be there.”

You will be amazed at the time
you save both you and the
other person.

2/ Push others for a “no.”
Interesting sales process
that some of you might have
seen involves seeing who can
get the most “no’s” in a day.
Sales teams set a goal of
getting x number of “no,”
answers, and amazingly,
they usually sell more.
Because they waste less time.

So, you mean really you
are not interested and the
answer is no?

So, you mean that right now
the answer is no and your
boss is not going to change

So, you are very busy and
really you are not going to
make the event.

You see, if you get a no, you
can either close it out, or take
the next step.
If you don’t get a no, you are
left hanging.

3/ Understand your priority and
plans for this year
It is so easy to say “no” when
you understand what you
want to accomplish and
what it is going to take.
Does this fit into your plan,
if so, then say “yes” and
move forward, if not, say no.
Having a clear definition of
what you are going after,
makes it so easy to say no.

Do you have a plan for the new year?
Do you know what you want and
where you are going?
Do you have your priorities in line
and are you working the right things?
You need this if this is going to be
your best year ever.

In my book, “Failure creates success,”
I talk a great deal about decision
making. You have to take changes
if you want to go for the gold. Part
of that is you have to learn
to say, “no.”

Make this the year you do it.
Go to the gold.

Now, either say “yes”, or “no.”
Are you going to join us for this
exciting webinar on becoming
better at networking?
“How to Build Relationships
That Generate Business

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Yes or No?

“Poor or NO Followup.”

Yes, you might have learned to talk to
people and you might be good at it.

Yes, you might be going to better and
better events all the time.

Yes, you might have learned how to
plan for an event.

But all that goes out the window if you
don’t follow up, if you don’t build
relationships with the people you meet.

I was at an event early in December,
there were 400 people there.
I knew no one.

When I left the event, I had over 25
new connections and had started
at least 1/2 dozen good relationships.

Plus, I can guarantee you that none
of those people will fall through the
cracks and be forgotten.

In today’s world of technology, it is
ridiculous to allow people you meet
to be forgotten.

Let me share with you today as we
start this new year, some simple follow up
tips, that you can apply and that can
make this your best year ever.

1/ Send an email after the event to
everyone you meet.
This last event I attended was four days
long and every night I sent and email to
everyone I met that day. What I did was I
started to build relationship right away.
It was amazing what happened
when they saw me the next day at the event.

2/ Put the people you meet on your email list.
Start introducing them to yourself and your offering.
Start learning about them and their offering.

3/ Put them in your CRM system.
Put the next touch point into the system.
Stay connected.

4/ Classify them as either A, B or C
A – need to meet with now.
B – Need to stay connected personally and meet
with soon.
C – keep connected via newsletter and email.

5/ Have a stay in touch plan.
How do you stay connected to people?
Do you do a regular newsletter?
Do you do a regular mailing?
Do you do regular calls.
What is it you do?

In six months when I return to the event I
attended in December, I will not walk in cold.
I will have some relationships that have started
to come together. I will build new ones.
I will work the existing one.

Networking is a long-term process.
You meet people today.
Some will take years to do business with.
Some you never will do business with.
Some will introduce you to key people in your life.
Work the relationship and you will be amazed
at what happens.

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The “Manny” Ways of Networking Successfully, Too
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And never forget, Failure Creates Success
You got to go for it if you want to creates success.
It doesn’t just happen.

Today’s article is an excerpt from my new book
which just hit the Kindle market last week, The “Manny” Ways of Networking
Successfully Too.

Please enjoy and if you like the article, then
try the book.

Many of you out there think you cannot
network because you are way too shy, you
are an introvert, and only really outgoing
people can be successful at networking.


I once was a shy, introverted,
sit-in-the-corner-and-do-my-job computer
programmer. Unless you came up to me
and started a conversation, I would not talk
with you. I wanted to talk with you, I thought
about talking with you, but I never did.

Years ago, I would be afraid to go anywhere
I did not know someone. If you went to
high school with me, or even college, you
would never believe the person I am today
is the same person.

One day in the early 1980’s, while I was
working as a technical programmer, my boss
came up to me and said, “Manny, you are
going to be an account manager. As of next
week you will have 10 people reporting to
you and you will have 10 major accounts to
manage and get more work out of.” He then
left the room. I was devastated.

Devastated might be an understatement.
Think about it for a moment. I was in a world
where I controlled everything. Computer
programming is where you determine the
path of the process. You tell the computer
what to do and it does it. It does not ask
questions. It does not argue with you. It does
not tell you no. It does not talk back. It does
not expect you to react and interact.

I was being dragged into an environment
where I had very little control. I would be
in a place where I would have to use my
skills of influence and my ability with people.
How was I going to do that?

The first question mentioned in the prologue
of this book, “what do I do now?” was exactly
where I was. But I did it––I learned the
secrets of networking–– and so can you.

So how can one go from being a shy and
introverted programmer to being a networker?
What happened?

It was not easy. It was a very scary situation
that I found myself in.

But I did it, and so can you.

Stop thinking about becoming great at
networking, and start doing it.

Make 2014 your best year ever.

Start building those relationships today.

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Always remember, Failure Creates Success.
If you are not trying you will never fail.
True, but will you ever accomplish all you were put here to do?