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German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’


You have goals – and they look great.


You have the tasks to accomplish those goals laid out – and they look like they will do the job.


You have the accountability system in place to keep you on track and correct you if you need it.


But do you have the “WHY?”


Why are you doing this? What is your driving force that gets you up each day and makes you push far beyond the norm?  What pumps you up, motivates you, excites you, drives you?


Do you often wonder why some people accomplish such great things, while others do very well, but not at the same level?


Because, you see, those who really excel have a definite, powerful “WHY.”


They don’t just know what they want or how to get it – they know why they want it.

They know exactly why they are chasing their dream,  and that is the key we want to talk about today.


Do you know your why?


As I was thinking about this the other day, I was inspired to write this article and focus myself on my current why.


Please take a moment right now and focus back on the great things you have done in your life (yes, all of us have done great things – just take a moment and think about it).


When you take a moment to consider these actions, you might be amazed at what you have been able to accomplish. It might inspire you to focus on developing your why for where you are going right now, or it might force you to stop, change directions and alter your focus.


I looked back in my own life to three significant whys and what they did for me.


1/        Why did I make it through USMC boot camp and graduate?

            Not how, but why.

            The how was simple, I did what I was told, when I was told and never gave up.  That is all good, but it was not enough, I needed a why.

            The why was because I wanted to wear that uniform and stand proud as one of the few and proud, the elite group, USMC.  That is what made it happen: the why.


2/        Why did I make it though college with honors when I had barely made it out of high school?

            I had the goal.

            I knew what I needed to do.

            I had an accountability system.

            But what was the why, the real reason?

            The why was because I was determined not to have to work in a factory and be told what, when and how.  The why was not having to hate my job like my mom had.

            That was the why that made it happen.


3/        Why did I build my own business?

            Freedom – yes.

            Wanting to work for myself – yes.

            Wanting to build something – yes.

            But the why was because I wanted no limit on how much I could earn and what I could do.  I want to go for the gold.


Now I could have done all those things well, but instead, because I had a why, I excelled at them.


Find your why, and you too will be unstoppable.


Learn more about how to make that happen for you.

Watch these 18 minutes of inspiration, and find your why.


When was the last time you woke up and
knew you could hit a homerun?

When was the last time you arrived at
the ballpark and knew you could
hit a homerun?

When was the last time you stepped
to the plate and believed you could
hit a homerun?

Actually, when was the last time you
hit a homerun?

Everyday we encounter endless people,
situations and other things that try
to stop us from achieving all we can.

If we let them get in our way, then
we are done. If we let them take
our mind off of the focus we are
going for, then we are done.

So, when was the last time you woke up
and knew you could hit a homerun?

I hope it was this morning, but if it wasn’t,
then it is time to re-think, time to re-tool,
time to regenerate the motivation it takes
for you to wake up and believe you can do it.

If you cannot get up and know you can
do it, then guess what? It is not going to

As Robert Schuller puts it, “Focus means
learning to say ‘NO’ to distractions”.

Granted, there is so much standing in
your way, that unless you are really
determined, it will stop you. Unless
you are focused on making it, you will
James Merrit puts it very well, “as you
look out, what do you see, stumbling
blocks or stepping stones”?

Think about it, do you look out do see
things as stoppers or as opportunities?

Do you look at the things that stand
between you and success as stumbling
blocks that will stop you, or do you simple
change them to stepping stones and use
them to achieve your goal?

You know, the choice is yours. As we
have said many times before, it is
your attitude, you determine how to use
it, no one sets your attitude but you.

So step number one – get up and know
you can hit the homerun. Walk out
into the kitchen knowing you can do it.

Walk out and share with those in
your home that
“I am going to do it today”.

Walk around with it written all over
your face –
“I can hit the homerun today”.

Remember as Robert Schuller further
says, “setting the goals is easy, but
announcing it to those you love,
announcing it to others, that really
takes courage”.

Now, when you get to your business,
your job or simply when you start
your day at home, keep that positive attitude.

Don’t listen as others complain.

You have arrived at the ballpark
and you know that today you can
hit that homerun.

Will you definitely hit it today?

Maybe not, but that should never stand in
the way of knowing you can do it.

Walk in with the attitude, “I can hit
the homerun today.”

Then, as you step to the plate.

Whether the plate is a phone call to a
customer for more business, a visit
to a prospect to close a deal, a
presentation to a large group of
prospective buyers, or simply doing your
regular job, always know you can
hit that homerun.

Know that no mater what happens,
no matter how it turns out, you
stepped to the plate and you knew
you could hit the homerun.

I guarantee you one thing, if you
don’t step to the plate knowing you
can do it, you hardly ever will do it.

So, you woke up and knew you could
hit the homerun, you arrived knowing
you could do it, you stepped to the plate
knowing you could do it, now do it.

If you continue to follow those 3 simple
steps you will hit more homeruns
than anyone else in your organization,
you will become the super star you
want to become, you will make it happen.

Yes, you might end up striking
out more than others, but you will end
up with more success than others
as well.

Go for it, hit the homerun.

Remember, Failure Creates Success.