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The Decision Institute – Coach Manny Nowak

Sales and Leadership Development

That is the question for today.


Which is it that you are doing in your life, business and/or career?


You cannot do both.


Just as God tells us, “You cannot serve God and manna.”


So make a choice.


If you are ready to start playing to win, then please read on.

If you are going to continue to play not to lose, then I’m afraid I cannot help you.


Today we are going to look at three things that might be making you play not to lose and how you can get over them.


1/        Believing you have to compromise to close the deal.

Cut your price. 

Give more than you can afford. 

Make it a bad deal for you.


Being so afraid of losing the deal that you create a deal that gives you nothing but grief and problems moving forward.




            Set your standards, your levels and your desires.

            Then go out and be willing to walk away.


            You might just be amazed at what happens next.


2/        An attitude of, “I need them,” instead of an attitude of, “they can really grow and prosper using what I have to offer.”


            When you come in begging.

            (I know we all hate to look at it that way,  but be honest with yourself.)

            It is written all over your face, your actions and your responses.

            And remember, most buyers are very good at seeing through it.




            Begin to believe in what you offer.


            Stop thinking, “I need them.”

            Instead, start thinking, “we can help each other.”


            Know that what you have is a great solution.

            Don’t try to fit it or down grade it.

            (If you do, it will no longer be a great solution.)


            Be willing to walk away if needed.

            Again, you will be amazed.


3/        Thinking small.

Going after the small, easy and stuff you don’t really want.

            Because it is safe.

            Because those other people will never buy it anyway.

            It will be OK.


            Instead of going for gold!

            If you start out thinking you will never get it, then you never will.

            You might as well stop now and go back to the little stuff.


            Are you going for gold, or will silver be OK, maybe bronze is OK? Maybe?


            Determine what is best for you and your organization and start going for it.

            Believe you can.

            Then go for gold.



These are only three of the things that you should look at,  but it is a start.

Apply the above 3 principles; in fact, if you just apply one of them, you will be amazed.  You will never look back; you will just be rolling forward.


Need help?

Not sure how to make this happen for you or your organization?

A great place to start is our boot camp on April 30-May 1st.

Here is the link.





Invest a few dollars and you will be amazed at the results.

Start today to play to win.

The New Year is here. Are you ready to take yourself and your organization to new levels of success, this year? Or are you simply going to settle for doing OK?


Which is it going to be?

  • You are the leader – even if you are the only player in your organization
  • You are the leader – where are you going?


Going for the GOLD? Or going to settle for less?


What if Bill Gates simply settled for being a software company, instead of having a desire to put a computer in every home? Where would Microsoft be today?   Just another small software company in the mix instead of being the superstar billion-dollar company they are.


What if Steve Jobs had settled for just building computers, instead of wanting to change the world, using information? What would have happened if he never got into phones, iPods, iPads and so much more? Would Apple be just another hardware company today? Instead of the superstar they are?


What about you? Are you going to play to win this year, or play not to lose?

Going to take the chance, are you going to stretch?

The two examples above were once small companies that have grown to larger ones. The difference however, is they decided to play to win. What about you?


Take a look at yourself and your organization, what are the things you could do this year to really make a difference?


Here are a few examples:

 1/ Make that move to expand

            Spend the time, money and resources

            Stretch your people and yourself

            Build your company to a new level

            Take the chance


2/  Invest in that new software

            Step out on the ledge

            Make that financial commitment

            Make that commitment of resources

            Change your outcome


3/  Hire that superstar

            Stretch your budget to pay for him/her

Bring in that person who is going to question you and help to get you on your “A” game

            Take your organization and yourself to a new level of success

            Do things differently than you’re currently doing


4/   Replace the problem people with new.

Hire new resources

            Stop trying to justify the poor performance

Stop accepting the lack of meeting your expectations

            Stop accepting less of others than you expect of yourself


5/   Hire that coach

            Make the financial commitment

            Make the time commitment

            Make the commitment that you are ready to be a super star

            Come out and play to win


These are just 5 random things and yours might be totally different.

You know which ones you need to do, so are you going to do them or not?

The choice is yours. At the end of this year will you have played to win, or simply not to lose?


Where will you be? This is a new year and the choice is yours.

Now either go for the gold, or get out of the way and let someone else take your gold.