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10 Things that Successful Sales People Do That Failures Won’t


“The secret of success lies in forming the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.”     Albert E. N. Gray


Today I want to share some great words of wisdom on sales that form the base of my business and also will lead you into what our new sales group is doing.


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Each of these is meant to help you strengthen your sales process.


1/      Make the calls you are suppose to make today.

            No matter what else is going on.

            There are no excuses.

            Subscribe to that and you will be amazed at what happens.



2/      Do what you said you where going to do when you said you were going to do it.

In other words, schedule everything, and then execute your schedule.

Plan out tomorrow in detail, what you are going to do and when you are going to do it.  Then execute your plan and don’t let other people drive your day. 


3/      Stay focused on the sales

            As a sales person your job in to close business.

            There are so many distractions all around you.

            Ignore them.


Your job is to bring in business; everything else around you is secondary.  Successful sales people sell, and they sell big.  It really is that simple.



4/      Have a Positive Attitude and Take Positive Action

Successful people never let you know they are not on top of the situation.  They smile, they laugh they make your feel good.  They make you feel like everything is great.


            That is the attitude that closes business. 

            But don’t just have the attitude; instead turn the attitude into action.

It is one thing to have the attitude; it is another to do it in everything you do.



5/      If your company won’t buy it for you, buy it yourself.

            You are a sales person.

            You make money selling.

            If you have a problem because you lack a certain tool, go buy it.

            You get paid a commission.

            You have unlimited earning potential.

            If you really need it, it should be a no brainer.



6/      Prospect Everyday


            It doesn’t matter what else you have to do.

            Set aside 1 hour or more everyday and prospect.


            If you fill the funnel, then overflow it, then make it run all over the place.



7/      Practice every day

            Know the script.

            Know the product.

            Know it inside, outside and around.

            Practice, practice, practice.

            Then do it again.



8/      Know the questions your prospect is going to ask.



            Know what they are going to ask.

            Give them the answer in easy terms they understand.

            They should never ask a question you don’t have the answer to.

            They should never get an answer they don’t understand.



9/      Get to “Yes” or get to “No”

            It is easier to hang out in the middle.

            If the customer doesn’t say no, then they are still a prospect.


            Go through you list.

            Ask yourself, and then ask them.

            Get to yes or get to no.

            Then get on with it.



10/    Your Day is not finished until the work is done.

            Sales people have unlimited income potential.

            That also means they have to work until the work is done.

            This is not 9-5.

            Successful sales people are always working.

They might be working in the islands in the South Caribbean but they are working.

            Don’t stop till you are done.

            The reward for great sales is unlimited.

            Stay and finish.




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In all you do in life, sports and business, it really comes down to doing the basics.

When you are having a problem in sports – the coach always tells you to go back and work on the basics.

Practice the basics and then see what happens.

How come in sales we always think we are way past that.

Let me ask you how much you practiced your skill last week?

Sales people often get offended when I mention practice.

Practice – are you kidding me – I have been doing this for 20 years.

Practice – do I look like a trainee?

Practice – me, what for, I am already great.

Amazing how professional athletes practice more than they play.

In professional football they play 1 hours week or less.

In pro basketball, they might play 2 hours a week at most.

Do you know how much time professional football and basketball players spend practicing?

Do you know how much time they spend on the basics.

Do you think that the 65 teams going to this years NCAA Tournament are not going to be practicing all week?

So, what about you, when was the last time you practiced your selling skills?

Start today and take ½ hour every day, in the car, on the treadmill, laying in bed – practice your selling skills.

You will be totally amazed at what happens and how much better you get.

You want to win the super bowl of sales or keep missing the playoffs.

Some simple things to work on?

1. Record yourself and then play it back?
Do you really sound as good as you think?
Or have you gotten weak?
How is your voice doing?
How clear are you speaking?
It sounds a whole lot different hearing yourself on a recorder.

2. How well do you know your products?
When was the last time you changed up your presentation -
starting to sound like an old record?
Add something new, change things around, practice and get it smooth.

3. How well do you know your competitors products?
When was the last time you studied their stuff?
Practice answering a question a client might ask?

4. How is your listening?
Take time and listen to some educational stuff or other people talking
Did you really get what they where saying?
Take time and listen to your spouse
Take time and listen to your children
Practice understanding what was really said

5. Work with a partner
Let some else who is honest tell you how you are doing.
Let them play the buyer
Would they buy from you?
Where do you need improvement?

These are just a few things you can practice.
Remember to be great in sports, music and most other things in life, you need to practice – now apply that to selling.

I know you think you are that good. And as I always say – it is very critical to be positive and have that great attitude.

But, just like in sports and entertainment – to stay on top you have to practice

You want to stay on top in selling – then you better start practicing every day.