I am the greatest, he shouted.


0025He got everybody’s attention.

He got others to believe it.

He got others to repeat it.

Was Ali the greatest?

It seems he was.


Are you the greatest when you do a presentation?

Do you have your audience on the edge of their seat, hanging on to your every word?

Are the people excited, paying attention, and listening intently?

Loving it?


Or are you boring?  Maybe not… but are you exciting?


Are you hesitant and anxious when it comes to presentations?

Why aren’t you the greatest when it comes to presentations?


Could it be because you have not taken the time to learn to be a great presenter?

As a leader, presentations are a part of your life.

As a business owner, you have to do it.

As an executive, it is part of your life.

All great leaders have to do presentations and to be effective, they must do them well.


No matter what you do for a living, we all have to sell.  Selling is presenting.

So, what are you doing to be the best?


Why would you settle for anything less than being the greatest, being number 1?


To be a great presenter, you have to know what you are doing, when you should be doing it, and what you need to do to get your audience to move.


If you spend the time learning how to become the best at presenting:

            Your qualified prospects will increase.

            You will close more deals.

            Your sales will grow; in fact, you could just “double your sales.”

            You will make more money.

            You will have a much more successful business.


Some points to consider:

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1/                     PowerPoint

Stop using PowerPoint as a note board and start using it to make

people laugh and get your points across.  Learn how to move

people to action.  Use pictures, charts and few words on your slides.


2/                     Humor works

YouTube has the funniest stuff and even I learned how to be funny.

Show a few videos and get your audience to lighten up;  it really works. 


3/                     Stories

People only remember stories…and you have a great many of them.  Learn to

share and get the point across, but more importantly, excite the audience.  Your

stories are unique, different and memorable.  Use them.


That is only 3 tips, but it is a start.  This year, take your presentation to a whole new level. 


So, what are you going to about it as we step into this New Year?

How are you going to become the greatest?


Are you ready to take some training to get you there?


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