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Sales Tips that move you to outstanding Part 1

Posted by Manny on June 29, 2014
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Everyone is a sales person.  No matter what your function in an organization, you have to sell.  You might not be a professional sales person, but you still have to sell.  You will be so much more successful if you learn the process.


From the executive who has to sell his team to the stay at home mom/dad who has to sell the other partner on an idea.


From the clerk in the office who has to sell his boss on a concept to the student who has to sell the teacher on a proposal.

We all sell.


Today we start a three-week series that will cover 10 key items to make you a great success at selling.   Again, no matter if your job is selling, or you just have to sell to people as part of your position.


Learn these important tips and watch what happens to you and your success.


1.         Get the number – determine the amount they want to spend.

            Yes, it is hard.

            Yes, they do not want to share it with you.

            Yes, they might not even know.


            Ask them how much they have budgeted?  When they say they don’t know.  Throw some            numbers out and watch their face.  Is $5000 in the ballpark?  The face tells all and if you watch             as you ask the question, the face will reveal the real answer.    Is 10,000 to much?  Keep    pushing.  You need to know the number.


            If you don’t know the number, you have no idea if they are a buyer or just a window shopper.


            The objective is to find out how much they are willing to spend and get them to spend it..


2.         Listening to the customer – let them keep on talking

            If they talk along enough, they will ask you if you if they can buy.

            Most sales people cannot shut up.

            Most sales people talk to much.

            Most sales people are way to impatient to listen.

            Keep asking the questions.

            Take it all in.

            Watch what happens.


            The objective is not to talk – it is to listen and close the deal.


3.         Know their objections and the answers to them even before they ask the question.

            You need to know the 50 top objections a customer can come up with.

            You need to know the answers to the 50 top objections. 

            Know them cold

            Study them

            Make them part of your process.

            When they object – you have the answer.

            Amazing what will happen.


            The objective is to know the answer when ask and deliver it smoothly.


Now get out there and put these three to work today.

Next week we will look at three more.

Seven Sales Success Techniques That Work

Posted by Manny on January 31, 2014
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The more sales calls you make, the greater your
chance for success.

The more people you connect with, the more
you have chance to sell them.

The more you are rejected the more you learn
and the greater your chance for a sales success.

The more you keep getting up and going into
the fire, the greater chance you have to win
the sale.

Yet, as sales people, have we learned this?
Do we practice it each and every day?

When will we stop trying to find
justification for getting around it
and just make it happen?

Sales is a numbers game.
It is just like a sporting event – the one that
scores the most wins.


In sales, the one that closes the most, wins!

You close by working the sales process.
It don’t happen any other way.

If it did, then anyone could sell.
Then your pay would drop.
Then you would have to find something else to do.
But don’t worry, it is not changing.

Here are seven things to help you improve your
sales process and win.

1. Make cold calls everyday.

Pick a number.
Be consistent.
Don’t put it off.
Just do it, no matter what.

In all my career I meet only one person
who really loved making cold calls.
He was really good and cost me a new
phone every month, but it was worth
the results.

2. Send emails every day.

The single, easiest way to always stay
in contact.
Again, make a commitment to the number
of people you are going to email everyday.
And do it.
You can do these in your sleep.
You can do these anytime.
The point is, do them.

But they do not replace cold phone calls
and in person calls.
Many people today try and justify this,
forget it.
Email is another tool, but it does not
replace the cold call.

3. Return every call every day.

If they called you today, you have to
call them back today.
Make time.
Yes, you have time.
If a prospects calls me, other than
customers, what more important do I
have to do? Nothing!

Get this, it is rude not to call back today.
If I am your competition, I called back

4. Make the follow up calls you said you
would, when you said you would.

If you said you would call back on the 17th,
it has to be on the 17th.
Customers, prospects, whoever.
You call back when you said you would,
plain and simple.

There is never a reason not to call back
when you said you would. Think about
this before you tell them when you are going
to call back. In fact, ask, “what is the best
time to call you back.”

5. Build your prospect list everyday.

Each and every day you need to add
x number of new prospects to your list.
Again, this is not something you debate.
Sales is hard, long work and pays
extremely well.
You don’t get paid the big bucks to
think about it.
Build your list.

I don’t care what business you are in,
build your list daily.

6. Read, listen and learn everyday.

Read at least one book every month –
non-fiction – non-sports.
Listen to a CD every day and listen
to it over and over and over.
As a sales person, you don’t need to
listen to music or sports talk radio.
Listen to education, motivation,
This is what the pro’s do.
This is what those that make the big
bucks do.
Why are you doing anything else?
Your car is an education center – use
it that way.
Free time during the day doesn’t exist,
do something.

Want to spend your vacation locally just
barely paying for it, or take your family
to some exotic place having the time of
your life. Sales generates money – but
you got to work it.

7. Try something new every day.

A new CD.
A new book
A new list.
A new technique – open, close, hello.
Innovation makes you better.

Stop doing all those other things.
Sell, sell, sell.
When you have enough business then retire.

Otherwise, as a sales pro, you don’t ever
have enough business.

Looking to take your sales to that next level?

Then you need to be at our upcoming
Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp.

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