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Is social media driving you crazy?

Don’t really understand where to go?

Don’t really understand what to do next?

Wondering how you’re supposed to work social media?


Well, today I want to share with you three real simple concepts that, put into place with the right tools and the right systems, will allow social media to generate all the business you are ever going to want.


But these principles are not anything new.

They are not anything that salespeople don’t already understand.

And they are not anything that can or should scare you.


Let’s take a look at the 3 simple keys to success with social media.


1/       You need the numbers.


How do you get the numbers in social media?

You’ve got to build the connections.

You’ve got to connect with people.

Whether it is LinkedIn connections,

Facebook friends or

Twitter followers…


Or whatever they are called in your selected social media tool.


First you have to build the connections.

Until you have a connection, you have not started.



2/       You have to build relationships


People are always saying to me, “Well, I’ve got 500/1000/1500 LinkedIn connections.”


I don’t care how many you’ve got – how many relationships do you have with those connections?

Do you get it? That is the true question.

You can have a million connections, but if you have no relationships, you don’t have anything.


You see, sales is still a relationship game.

So how many relationships do you have in that number of connections?


Because, you see, the second step is you’ve now got to take that connection, follower or friend, and build a relationship.

Just like in real life.

Social media is still about relationships.


And if you can turn that connection into a relationship?


If you can build a relationship with the person or people you are connected with, then you get to point three.



3/       You close some business or a partnership or a referral network.


Somehow, because you connected and built a relationship, there are dollars at the end of the rainbow.


These 3 things are what people don’t seem to understand about social media.

These 3 things are what we have been doing in sales since time began.

They are the simple principles of selling.


It doesn’t matter if it is social media or any other process.

You have to…


1/        Connect.

2/        Build a relationship.

3/        Close some business.


So get out there and do it.


If you need some help – this is what we do.

This is what we help people to do.


Whether it’s through social media or any other platform.


So if you are being driven crazy by any of this – give us a call.

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It helps you take all the pieces of the puzzle and put them in the right place.

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“Most failure is simply due to the fact that we take the line of least persistence.”  Norman Vincent Peale


“Refuse to settle for anything less than everything God has for you.” Joyce Meyer


“No man is ever whipped until he quits – in his own mind.” Napoleon Hill


In everything you do in life, sports and business, it really
comes down to doing the basics.

When you are having a problem in a sport – the coach always
tells you to go back and work on the basics.

Practice the basics and then see what happens.

How come in sales, we always think we are way past that?

Let me ask you how much you practiced your skill last week?

Sales people are often offended when I mention practice.

Practice – are you kidding me? I have been doing this for
20 years.

Practice – do I look like a trainee?

Practice, me, what for? I am already great.

It is amazing how professional athletes practice more than they play.
In football they play 1 hour a week or less.  
In basketball, they might play 2 hours a week at most.

Do you know how much time professional football and basketball
players spend practicing?

Do you know how much time they spend on the basics?

Do you think that the two teams going to the Superbowl are not
going to be practicing all week?

So, what about you, when was the last time you practiced your
selling skills?

Start today and work on it for ½ hour every day, in the car, on the treadmill,
laying in bed – practice your selling skills.

You will be totally amazed by what happens and how much better you get.

Do you want to win the super bowl of sales or keep missing the playoffs?

Watch this video on today’s article – click here.



Some simple things to work on?

1.    Record yourself and then play it back.
       Do you really sound as good as you think?  
       Or have you become weak?
       How is your voice doing?
       How clear are you speaking?
       It sounds a whole lot different hearing yourself on a recorder.

2.    How well do you know your products?
       When was the last time you changed up your presentation –
       is it starting to sound like an old record?
       Add something new, change things around, practice and get it smooth.    

3.    How well do you know your competitors’ products?
       When was the last time you studied their stuff?
       Practice answering a question a client might ask.

4.    How is your listening?
       Take time and listen to some educational stuff or other people talking.
       Did you really get what they where saying?
       Take time and listen to your spouse.
       Take time and listen to your children.
       Practice understanding what was really said.

5.    Work with a partner.
       Let some else who is honest tell you how you are doing.
       Let them play the buyer.
       Would they buy from you?  
       Where do you need improvement?

These are just a few things that you can practice.
Remember that to be great in sports, music and most other things in life,
you need to practice – now apply that logic to selling.

I know you think you are that good.

And as I always say – it is very critical to be positive and have that great attitude.

However, just like in sports and entertainment – to stay on top you have
to practice.

If you want to stay on top in selling – then you better start practicing every day.

Could you use some help to get there?

Want to find out?
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Ever wonder why you can do the most wonderful presentation in the world?  Receive great reviews from each person at every meeting.  Receive great complements.  Have people ask you for help with their presentation. 

Yet, you walk out with no deal. 

So, what gives? Why does that happen?


I once did a great presentation for a company looking to buy our software development skills.  They all loved my stories; they loved the way I walked them through the process.  They actually told me it was one of the best software development presentations that they had ever seen.  However, they did not sign.   I did not get the deal.  They did not show me the money.

 Picture 012a

What happened?



We had spent so much time, effort and energy on the presentation.  We practiced everything just like we were told.  We went over it a dozen times.  We had everyone involved.  This was one of the biggest deals in the company’s history.  And we did not get it.




Have you ever been there?

Did you wonder why when this happened to you?


Well, the bottom line was that the presentation was great, but we did not persuade the prospective customer to buy.


This should really hit home.

It did with me when I was listening to one of my great mentors, Jim Rohn, talking about it.


Amazing isn’t it?

We present, but we forget that in that presentation we have to persuade the customer to ultimately take action.  To buy… To move forward.


I don’t mean change the presentation to something that is purely selling.  But, I mean simple things that will move the customer towards the close.


As another of my mentors, Zig Ziglar, says, “you got to always be closing.”


So, always be asking these questions.

How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do



1/        What if you had this product/service?

            What would it do for you and your company?

            How could it make life better?


2/        Can you picture what it would look like to own our product/service?

            See yourself using the product.


3/        Do you see the savings and what you could do with that?

            This is the cost per year, per month, per day, and even per hour.

            Break it down simply so they can see.


There are so many more ways you can do this in a presentation.  However, the most vital part is that you have to do it.


Tell them, “If you had our developers working with your team, they would be learning new stuff and product development would increase by 50%.”


Tell them, “Look at your people working side by side with our consultants.  Teaching and helping.  Look at the project coming in ahead of schedule.”


What would the CFO say when the project came in at 20% under estimated cost?  What else could you be doing with the savings?


The next presentation you do, make sure you are moving the prospect towards the close. 


It is great to present facts, but you have to translate them into benefits for your customers.  You have to make them want to buy.  You have to make it so that they cannot let you leave without the deal.


If you are not closing the deal, then look to see how well you are persuading your prospects.


Need some help?

This is just the beginning.

You have a great presentation.  Now, let’s go through it and get it to persuade the customer to buy.  You will be amazed at how much more business you will close.






“Power, the ability to control and influence circumstances.”  Dr. Myles Monroe

The amazing thing that happens when you sit down and do a one on one with someone is that you learn amazing stuff.  Stuff you never thought this person did, knew about or was in anyway involved in.  It is so great to learn about people.


I was having a one on one with a prospect the other day.  This person was in the construction business.  Custom cabinets.  Very nice and very high end stuff.  I was amazed at the product.  The amazing thing I learned from the one on one was that prior to doing this business, the person was an international banker who knew people and still had connections on 5 continents.  Did I need some help making a connection in China?  Did I need a referral in England?  I did not, but you might.


Don’t assume who someone is by what they are doing today. 


Don’t say, like so many people, “they can’t help me.” 


How do you know if someone can help you before you really spend some time with him or her and learn about him or her?  If you are into building relationships, then take time to do one on ones.  They are where the real power of building powerful relationships is.



One on one’s are the gold of follow up and relationship building.  They open up doors that you never thought could be opened.


So, the next step in continuing to follow up is to do a one on one meeting. 


For me, if I see someone on my list is opening and reading the newsletters over an extended period, then I am going to try and set up a one on one meeting.  This signals to me that they have an interest and I better see how I can help them.


If I go to LinkedIn and see a person has amazing connections that I want to meet, I am going to request a one on one with them.   If they are connected to the people I want to meet and want to work with, then I have to start the relationship with them.


A one on one is a key piece of follow up.  This is when you really start to get deep. 


This person is willing to given you an hour or so of their time to sit down and talk, so what are you going to do with that time?



First, make sure you have many questions ready to ask.  More questions than you could ever get to.  You never know if the person is quiet, or if the person is a talker.  If they are a talker, you will be fine, but if they are quiet, you could blow through a bunch of questions before they ever open up to you.


Next, make sure you do your research on the person.  Don’t ask questions that are so easy to find online.  This makes people think you have not done any homework.


Third, I suggest you make a list of people you both know.  Then talk about the ones you have a good relationship with.  However, make sure you let the other person lead.  You do not want to put your foot in your mouth by talking well about someone they do not like.  If they take the lead, you will stay in a safe area.


Next, make a list of people they are connected with that you might want to meet.  These are the people who you want to connect to.  If you don’t ask, then how will you ever get connected?  But, it is important to ask with grace and patience.  Don’t go forward pushing, go forward asking.


Don’t say, “so you know Joe, could you introduce me?”


Instead say, “so I see you know Joe, how long have you two known each other? 

Do you do work together?  Etc.” 


Keep asking.  You might be surprised by the response– “would you like me to introduce you?”  Yes, yes, yes.


Make sure that when you meet you make it your number one goal to listen. 

Then to learn. 

Then to help. 


If you move in this way, you will be amazed at what you can get out of the relationship.


It is amazing what you can learn if you do the one on one effectively.


It is not about what they do, it is about whom they know.

Let’s face it; most people will never want to buy what you sell.

However, they just might know many people that do and if you follow up and stay connected and build a lasting relationship, they might just introduce you to them.


I have gotten some of my greatest business simply because I followed up and in that follow up, I ask for a one on one meeting.

In that one on one meeting, I listened, took notes, and was really interested.


At some point, maybe not today, tomorrow next week or even next year.

But if I continue to stay connected, then at some point, this follow up will yield business.   That I can guarantee you.


Read more in our latest book: My Sales Follow Up Sucks.

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What are the right places? 

What are the right places for you?

I have to start by sharing a great networking experience I had the other night at an event hosted by my friend Todd.


This was a pro-basketball game pre-game networking event that lasted for 2 hours, followed by a ticket to the game.  Two hours of meeting people and building relationships. 

Wow!  I would have to classify this as a great event.


Simply because in that 2 hours, I met 18 new people, 11 good connections, and 5 excellent potential customers. 

For me, this was the right place.


Are you networking at the wrong events?


Meeting few if any new people; spending too much time in small talk.


Not moving the people you meet any further in the sales cycle.

Wondering if networking is worth all the hype?

Asking how to find the right places.


How do you find the right places?  Let’s start with 3 simple things to look at.  These come from my new book.  The subject will be finding the right places to build relationships that generate revenue.  Keep watching, it’s due to be released later this year.


1/        Define what you are looking for – the profile of the contact you want to meet.

            What is the definition of the right connection for you to meet?

            Is it a sales person or a business owner?

            Are you looking for accountants, professionals, or trade people?

            Do you even know?

            Will this event have these types of people?


            You need to understand the what before you go out there.


2/        Define why you network.

            To make initial connections?

            To get people to come to an event?

            To find ways to get into certain organizations?

            Because you need people to buy yesterday?


            Why are you there?

            If you don’t understand this, how will you measure your success?


            Does this look like the right event to meet your needs?  


3/        Define the type of event you would find these people at?

            Would they be at chamber meetings?

            Do they go to tradeshows?  If so, which ones?

            Do they go to special events?

            Are they part of lead groups?

            Do they do networking in the morning, evening or at lunch?


This is just the start of the process. 


But if you just work these 3, you will be amazed at the difference it can make.


Looking to learn more and become that super networker?  Find the right places?  Do the right things to make 

networking work for you?  Come to the boot camp. 


CLick here to learn more!


Are you generating the business you want to generate?

Are your sales growing at the rate you expected or more?

Are you happy with your current sales process?


Simple questions – right?


Well if you are not happy, what are you doing to change?


Let us look at this in a very simple model.


First, the goal is to move suspects to customers.

But, in order to do that, they have to go through a cycle.


For example, if one customer takes 5 qualified prospects, and 5 qualified prospects take 10 prospects, and 10 prospects require 25 suspects. 

The simple math is that for you to create a customer, you first have to have 25 suspects.

To generate 100 customers, you have to have 2500 suspects.


Second, you have to understand the best place to hunt for your suspects. 

Yes it is hunting.

To do that, you need to start with your existing customers.  Where did each of them come from?

Always track this going forward and track it going back so you can see a pattern begin to emerge.

Now if 50 percent of your customers come from networking and another 40% of them come from cold calling, then those are the places you hunt.

Why? Simple, because the proof is in the pudding – you have proven it works.

90% of your customers come from these two sources – so why would you hunt elsewhere?


Third, you have to determine how to move a suspect to either a prospect or out.

Simply put, a prospect is someone who you believe, think or looks like they could use what you sell.

Then you have to ask questions, listen, research, and take the time to make the determination.  Don’t keep chasing people who are not your prospects.


Fourth, you have to move prospects to qualified prospects. 

Some people like to combine this and the previous step, but for clarification, I like to keep them completely separate.

Now you start to ask the harder questions.

Do they have a need?

Do they have money?

Can they make the decision?

Do they want to buy the product?

What is their timeframe?


And finally the fifth step.  Moving them towards being a customer.

Ask for the order.

All throughout the process, you have been building the relationship and now you  keep going, thus making it even stronger.

Demonstrate exactly what is in it for them.

Ask for the order.

You might have to do a proposal.

You might have to do a presentation.

Either way, ask for the order.


This is how you move a suspect to a customer.

Now get out there and start doing it.


Any way that you slice it, sales is always about your relationship with the buyer.

If you doubt that, I don’t even need to look at your results.

So, if you don’t have time to work on the relationship, then sales is not for you.


When I speak of sales, please understand that every single one of us is in sales.

It might not be directly selling a product or service, but we all have to sell ourselves and our ideas to others on an ongoing basis.


Today I want to share the expertise of three of the greatest sales teachers.


Three simple points that will take your game to the next level and create greater success in you.


1/       The benefit has to be for the buyer.


“Do you (the sales person) really believe what you are selling is for my benefit, or are you just trying to sell [it to] me so you will benefit?”  Zig Ziglar


You cannot argue with the master.


Are you focused on what is best for the buyer?

Are you making sure that this really will help them and that this is the right product/service for what they need?

Are you willing to back away from the sale if you don’t think so?


Selling is nothing more than solving a problem that the buyer has in the best way possible.  Does your product/service do that?  If not, then move on and walk away.


If the buyer sees the benefit – you will see the cash.



2/       Keep It Short & Simple (KISS)  from Guerilla Selling


Never forget that your job is to listen and not to tell the prospect all you know.

Sales is about solving the problem and subsequently getting the order.


How many sales people just love to talk and waste way too much of your time?

How many sales people just talk and talk and talk?


Yes, you are there to build a relationship.

However, not to take all my time, energy and patience.


The relationship should have been started and built long before you ask for the order.  Take enough time to build the relationship and keep the selling part both short and simple.



3/       They buyer has to first want to listen


“It is as useless to try and sell a man something until you have first made him want to listen as it would be to command the earth to stop rotating.”  Napoleon Hill


Have you ever met a person who tried to sell you something the moment you began talking?

They are in pure sales mode, focused on getting you to buy.

And you have already turned them off.


I am not listening – don’t you get it?


Again, first you need to build a relationship with the person.

Then you will create a desire for them to listen to what you are selling.

This then creates a buyer.


If all three of these are answered, working and if you have taken the time to build that relationship then:


They know that what you have will benefit them.

They know they want it, so they are already sold.

They are listening simply because they are interested.


WOW!  It really is that simple.


Sales Tips that move you to outstanding Part 1

Posted by Manny on June 29, 2014
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Everyone is a sales person.  No matter what your function in an organization, you have to sell.  You might not be a professional sales person, but you still have to sell.  You will be so much more successful if you learn the process.


From the executive who has to sell his team to the stay at home mom/dad who has to sell the other partner on an idea.


From the clerk in the office who has to sell his boss on a concept to the student who has to sell the teacher on a proposal.

We all sell.


Today we start a three-week series that will cover 10 key items to make you a great success at selling.   Again, no matter if your job is selling, or you just have to sell to people as part of your position.


Learn these important tips and watch what happens to you and your success.


1.         Get the number – determine the amount they want to spend.

            Yes, it is hard.

            Yes, they do not want to share it with you.

            Yes, they might not even know.


            Ask them how much they have budgeted?  When they say they don’t know.  Throw some            numbers out and watch their face.  Is $5000 in the ballpark?  The face tells all and if you watch             as you ask the question, the face will reveal the real answer.    Is 10,000 to much?  Keep    pushing.  You need to know the number.


            If you don’t know the number, you have no idea if they are a buyer or just a window shopper.


            The objective is to find out how much they are willing to spend and get them to spend it..


2.         Listening to the customer – let them keep on talking

            If they talk along enough, they will ask you if you if they can buy.

            Most sales people cannot shut up.

            Most sales people talk to much.

            Most sales people are way to impatient to listen.

            Keep asking the questions.

            Take it all in.

            Watch what happens.


            The objective is not to talk – it is to listen and close the deal.


3.         Know their objections and the answers to them even before they ask the question.

            You need to know the 50 top objections a customer can come up with.

            You need to know the answers to the 50 top objections. 

            Know them cold

            Study them

            Make them part of your process.

            When they object – you have the answer.

            Amazing what will happen.


            The objective is to know the answer when ask and deliver it smoothly.


Now get out there and put these three to work today.

Next week we will look at three more.

Successful Sales People Are Different

Posted by Manny on June 6, 2014
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Do you want to be successful and sell more than anyone else, or do you want to fit in with the crowd?


One thing I have learned in my work with entrepreneurs over the last 10 years is that few if any of them ever followed the crowd.

Fewer were conforming.

Even fewer we worried about what other people thought.


They were simply focused on success.

What about you?


Today I want to look at 3 simple points related to success in sales.


1/       To be successful you have to be different.


Per John Huntsman: “ Failure often is the result of following the crowd.”


How are you prospecting – like everyone else or are you doing something different?

Are you just sitting around sending out emails like everyone else, or perhaps you have picked up the phone or gotten in your car and started knocking on doors.


Are you thinking email is so easy, why do anything else?


How many mailers have you gotten recently?  Perhaps you should try something different.


Not getting the business you think you could?

What are you doing about it?

Get started today.

Start thinking about what you can do that others are not, then do it.


To be successful you have to be different.



2/       To be successful you have to take a risk.


Per William Shedd: “A ship in harbor is safe but that is not what ships are built for.”


Are you doing what is safe, what is easy?

Or are you taking that risk




A sales person not excelling or not going for the gold or not making it happen is like that ship in the harbor.


If you really believe you were made to sell, then you need to get out there and do it.  You are on the team to be a star, get out there and be the star.


Start reading stuff from people who have done it and are doing it.

Start listening to stuff from successful people.

Make a commitment to be the best, not just one of many.


Do something different. 

Make calls early, make call late, make calls during lunch.

Wow, maybe just make calls?


To be successful you have to take a risk.



3/       Today is the day to start making it happen.


Per Dr. David Jeremiah: “Remember today is the day you thought about yesterday when you said: ‘I can do that tomorrow’.”


Well it is tomorrow and are you doing it?

As I always say, action creates success.

If you can do something, do it.

Don’t think about it.

Don’t procrastinate.

Do it.


Today is the day you make the commitment, but more.  Today is the day you start doing something different.  Today is the day you take that chance.

So, get out there and make it happen.


There you have it.

Successful Sales People Are different.


Are you going to be successful or just another sales person.


Get out there and do it.


Coach Manny Nowak

America’s number on expert in taking 6 figure businesses to 7 figures.


Looking to get really great at networking?


Read my new book.

The “Manny” Ways of Networking Successfully, Too.

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Take a step today and do something.