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The Decision Institute – Coach Manny Nowak

Sales and Leadership Development

Do you stop selling before you even get started?

Do you spend a sizable percentage of time and effort finding leads?

Then, do you put in even more effort to get them to answer the phone or schedule a meeting?

 So much time and energy.

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And all that just to hear –

            I am not interested.


            Can you send me some information?


            We are already working with someone else.


            I don’t have a need.


How do you respond? Do you then to answer, OK, Thank YOU – click.


What are you doing?

Taking orders or selling?


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Good sales people use these responses as ques to keep the conversation going, not as signals it needs to end.

Remember, it is your job to sell.

You do not take orders – you sell.


So today, I want to further discuss the four responses leads can give and explore answers you can use to knock them out.


Statement:     I am not interested.


Answer:          Can you tell me why?


What has been your experience with this product/service in the past?


I know – that’s why I am calling.


Your not – well I bet I can get you interested.


Come on now – you can probably think of dozens of more responses to this rejection.

Why don’t you?

Why aren’t all these rebuttals in your bag of tricks?

Is it only because you haven’t taken time to practice and prepare?



Statement:     Can you send me some information?


Answer:          No, but if you are really interested I can drop something off.


I can do even better than that.  Are you at your computer?  Let me send you a link to download and then we can walk through the process


                        I could but so much stuff gets lost in the email black hole – how about…?


Not really, but if you go to our website, I can walk you through the process over the phone, right now.  Our site is CoachManny.com


I know how much stuff I use to mail out – it cost me thousands.

I know you can now do it via email – but does anyone ever look at it?

It really is the same problem as before, except now the trashcan is electronic.



Statement:     We are working with someone else already.


Answer:          You are?  What is the best thing they are doing for you?


                        What do you like most about them? I am always looking for opportunities to improve.


                        Are they doing what they promised?


                        Are you excited about working with them?


                        Do they still treat you as a prospect?


That last question might be a little strange, but the problem with most of us is we treat prospects like gold and won customers like silver.  Continue to treat them like you did before you had their business, and you will be amazed by the results.  Make them that important and they will remain customers for life.



Statement:     We don’t have a need!


Answer:          I understand but neither did 5 of the last 10 people I sold when we started talking.


                        Have you seen our new stuff?


                        What if I could show you something that might just interest you?

Remember, as Albert E. N. Gray says, “needs are logical while wants and desires are sentimental and emotional.”


They might not have a need, but they might just have a want.




Push back against these four rejecting phrases, and watch what happens to your business.


I can guarantee that if you commit to questioning and responding to these 4 types of rejection instead of accepting them, you will increase business.


We do this on a regular basis in Coach Manny’s Inner Circle.

We are constantly working on ways to help you learn more and become a super star.

We can help you double your sales.


Is sales a problem for you?

What are you going to do about it?


Are you ready for a solution that works?


Check us out.


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And remember – everyone of us is a sales person - 

we all have to sell something in our lives.


Great sales people really don’t sell at all, instead 

they get their customers to buy.  We all love to 

buy, but few of us love to be sold to.  When will 

we understand that?  Today I want to share with 

you 7 of the most deadly mistakes most sales people make. 


Is this all the mistakes- no.

Do all sales people make all these mistakes – no.

How many can you afford to make – none.


Read and learn.


1.         To many sales people do not know 

how to listen.

They still believe that old story about, “you 

will be great in sales because you love to talk”.


 In fact, most sales people spend more than 

75% of their time with their mouth closed and 

their ears open.


Have a problem selling?          

Close your mouth.



2.         To many sales people are poor at follow up.

They don’t get back to people when they 

said they would.

If you tell me, I will get back with you next 

Tuesday – then you better get back to me next Tuesday.

If you say I will send you a proposal by the 

end of the week – then you better do it.


Not selling – how consistent is your follow up?

With the tools available to day – never should 

you be unaware.



3.         To many sales people don’t make prospecting a part of their regular routine.

I don’t care how busy you are.

How many customers you have.

If you don’t prospect ever week – you will 

eventually run out of new business.

It is a fact of life.

Prospect when you are rolling in business and 

you never will stop rolling in business.


No business today?  How long has it been 

since you regularly prospected?



4.         To many sales people think networking takes to much time.

 If you don’t build a network your sales will 

dry up.


If you don’t build a network – what will you 

do if you lose your job?


Networking creates leads.


Networking creates business.


Networking builds friendships (see number 7) 


No business today – start working your network.  

Don’t have a network – I see.



5.         To many sales people think collections 

are not part of their job?


Everyone (other than people in the collections

 business) hates to collect.


Yet if a customer is not paying – why are you still 

letting them buy?


 If they don’t want to see you, is it because they are 

not paying?


If you have to be involved in collections – it keeps 

you closer to the customer.


The closer to the customer you are – the great chance 

for more business.


The great chance for referrals. 


Customer not paying?  Do you know why?  You should.



6.         To many sales people lack discipline.


To be successful in sales you have to have a daily plan.


To be successful in sales you have to have a time 

management process.


To be successful in sales, you have to do what you 

said you were going to do when you said you where 

going to do it.  Period.



Not getting business?  How disciplined are you?



7.         To many sales people have never built a friendship 

with their customer?


Customers buy from those they like.


All things being equal.


All things not being equal they still buy from those they like.


Be a friend first and watch what happens.


If you don’t have a relationship – then why would they keep buying from you?


Sales is serious business.

But it is a blast.

Look at what you are doing, check against these seven.

Do what you have to do to get back on the track.


Sales people win when customers buy.  Plain and simple.

I love to win. 

What about you?


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There is much more during our boot camp.


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