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Increasing Sales – Dominating Your Market


People say, “You can’t get rich saving money.”


I say, “You cannot build your business through saving money – you have to build it by increasing sales.”


To build a successful business you have to increase sales every year.


To build a great business you have to generate a greater amount of business every year.


So what are you doing to make it happen for you and your business?


Here are 3 simple ways to make a dramatic difference in your business:


  1. Focus on what you do well.

  • Find the things you do better than anyone else and then do more of them.
  • Find the things you sell well, the products you have that are so much better when you add your sales team to them.
  • Stop trying to perform services that you don’t excel at.
  • Become unique and dominate the market.


A company was in the business of making appointments for people, writing articles, consulting, making calls and building content.  Then one day the CEO said, “Stop! What do we do better than anyone else? We excel at appointment setting. We do it so well that we are going to dump everything else and focus entirely on that. Yes, it will take some revenue away in the short term, but we will make it up.”


Today, they are one of the fastest growing companies out there – setting appointments.



2.         Set goals for your sales and exceed them. Then, take it further:

  • Set them higher than you think and then blow them away.
  • You know what it takes –now all you have to do is execute the plan.


Goals are meant to be broken.  They are the steps before the pinnacle, not the pinnacle itself.


Take for example, Jim. Jim was really having a problem generating sales.  He had his goals, but usually he did not achieve them.  The company was OK with this because most people in the company never made their sales goals. 


            Then a new sales director came in and on day one he set a new platform:

Quarter 1, you don’t reach your goals, we cut your commission 25% of each sale.

            Quarter 2, you don’t reach your goals, we cut you commission another 25%.

Month 3, you don’t reach your goals, we cut you.


An amazing thing happened – once challenged to step up, Jim exceeded his goals every month. 


If you are not setting and exceeding sales goals, start today.



3.         Work harder than anyone else.

  • Stop hesitating and holding yourself back.
  • Let people know who you are – get out there physically, on the phone and on electronic media.
  • Let people know you are there – show up and be there.
  • Let people know what you have and why it is better than anyone else’s.


            “The early bird catches the worm.”


I was telling my 10 year-old granddaughter this old saying the other day and she had never heard it and asked me what it meant. So I explained it to her this simply way: The early bird is the first on the scene, the one who gets out there before anyone else.  While everyone else is waking up and thinking about stuff, the early bird has already gotten the worm and is moving on to the next thing.


            Amazing. Stop thinking too much and start taking action.


So there you have 3 ways to improve your sales. 


Please join us this Friday for more information on our weekly free Google Hangout.  Click here to register today.


Now go and focus on what you are best at.

Set high goals and exceed them.

And work harder than anyone else.


Need some help with some of those excuses?  Remember that consistency, persistence and self-discipline help you get there.


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Whom you hang out with is whom you become.


Whom you surround yourself with is whom you become.


To be a superstar, you better be hanging out with superstars. 


I think many of our Mom’s and Dad’s told us this.  It was important, as a child, but is just as important if not more now as an adult.


Whether you are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80 and beyond.  Success is transmitted from the successful to those who want it badly enough.


What was that song – “How bad do you want it?”


So take a deep, honest look at those you hang out with and what do you see?  Family is family and you have no control over them, but the rest you do.  What you will find.

            That most people you hang out with:

  • Make within $5,000 a year of what you do.
  • Live in a home very similar to yours
  • Their home and yours are very close in price
  • You drive the same price car
  • Take similar vacations.
  • Etc.


You see – if you want so much more, you will never get it surrounded by people just like you.  You have to surround yourself with people Just Like You Want To Be!


Get your attitude up, way up.  Believe, know and go for the gold.

Here are 3 tips to help you.


1/        Find a mentor – someone who is where you want to be.

            Not a buddy.

            Not a coach.

            Not a friend.

            Someone who has done it, is doing it and can help you do it.

            Show them how badly you want it.

            Work with them.

            Get their help.

            A successful person will never tell you that you can’t.


2/        Get to events and functions where the people you want to be like hang out. 

            Then mingle with them.

            Get to know them.

            High-end Charity events are a great place to do this, but how many of you go?

            Events held by the superstars in your market are the place – are you there?

            Push for meetings.

            Build relationships.

            Spend the time and money and get out there.

            Get to know the people who are where you want to be.


3/        Find the stars in your business and get a meeting.

            Yes, it is very hard.

            Yes, it might seem impossible.

            Keep working it until you get it.

            You have to believe you are capable.

            You have to demonstrate you want it.

            When you finally get there, you will be amazed.

            They will meet with you if you push it hard enough and don’t give up.



You have a dream to be a star.

You believe it.

You are ready to put all you need into it.


So stop letting anything get in your way.


Persistence, Consistency, and Self-discipline will help you get these done.  Are you ready?


Then, get a copy of my new book, “What Is Your Problem?”   Free!


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Vision Trumps Failure

Posted by Manny on April 6, 2016
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Without vision, the people perish.

–– Proverbs 29:18



The first question we address in our book, Failure Creates Success is vision.


Where do you want to go?


Warm up and watch “Failure Creates Success from the Beach,” Video.



When I ask this question to people so many times I get answered with a blank stare. 


And the older the group, the blanker the stare.


I think sometimes that once we hit the age of 12, we lose the ability to dream.  Just go out and ask this questions of an 8-year-old, “Where do you want go, what do you want to be?” and the youngster will tell  you just what he/she wants.  He will not hesitate or look at you with the blank stare. 


They know what they want to be.  Just try it.


Why is it we know at 8, but at 28 we are lost?

Why is it we know at 8, but at 52 we have no idea?


Why do we not know what we want?  Or are we just afraid to say it?


If you ask me my vision, I can clearly give it to you.


Manny’s Vision:


To build a successful organization that all my children and their spouses can work for. 

An organization that helps millions of people find success in their lives. 

An organization that puts God first, family second and health third.

An organization that thanks God for its success, knowing that all our success comes from Him. 

An organization that creates income for my family for generations.


That is vision.


What are you doing?  What is your vision?


You see, that vision will do it for me; it will give me direction for my life and for all I am going to do.


But to get a vision, you have to ask yourself some real questions.  You have to dig deep.  You have to brainstorm what you really want in your life.  You have to go many times deep inside yourself to see what is there.


Not what others want for you.


Not what you think you should do.


But what you really want to do in life.


Then, the first piece of magic. You need to write it down.


Think about it.


Refine it.


Develop it.


You see, once you have this, it will drive everything else you do.


But why are you so afraid to do this?


Remember my book is entitled “Failure Creates Success.” This is where we start.


You have to take a chance.  You have to be willing to fail.  You have to be willing to take the bullet.  You have to put yourself out there.  You have to be willing to make a bold statement.  This statement might contain some things other people might not like.  I am sure everyone doesn’t totally like mine.


Guess what –– it doesn’t matter.  This is not for someone else.  This is for you.


Vision is the driver for everything else in this book, for you and for your life.


Don’t hesitate.

Don’t hold back.


You need to know where you are going.


Want to learn more? 

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Failure Creates Success Book – click here


How have you done with the hiring of sales people?   
Let’s look at some simple stories.

When I finally hired a sales rep, after much discussion
and hesitation, they produced nothing.  They talked a
great game, but when it came to the end results, they were a zero.

I hate my sales rep; they keep talking about the business
they are going to bring in, but they bring in nothing.  I
know I should fire the rep, but what if they are just about
to close the “big deal” any time now?

The last time I hired a rep, they did absolutely nothing.  
I hired them to sell and they were looking to me for direction.  
Isn’t that what I hired them for in the first place?

Wow, three stories that I know many of you can relate to on
both sides.  Why is it that so many mistakes are made in the
hiring of effective sales reps?

Well, first of all, setting expectations for your new sales
person prior to them ever accepting the job is probably the
most critical item you need to address. If you have finally
come to the decision to hire a sales person, a sales manager
or a sales director, then take the time, effort and energy to
define your expectations and put them all down in writing.  If you are
the one being hired, then make sure your prospective employer
does this for you.

As a sales consultant, I keep running into the same story:
“I hired a new sales person, full time and they have now been
with me for 6 weeks and I do not see those great results I was

Well, what did you expect?
    Did you communicate those expectations to your new
    sales person?
    Did you tell them what you expected them to achieve
    and in what time frame?  
    Did you define what you expected, and when, in detail?
    Did you write it down and did you both sign it?

Do you know the answers to the following questions and did you
communicate this to your rep?
    What is your sales cycle?
    Do you know how long it takes to sell your product
    or service?
    Do you know the process involved in successfully
    selling your product?

Let’s look at some expectations of a new sales person.  
First, it is critical to put together a list of all the tasks
you expect this person to do.  This needs to be detailed, such as:
·     Attend all local chamber events, and other networking
·    Make 20 cold calls a day
·    Turn in a written sales report weekly in this format,
     with this data.
·    Be in the office, for X days and hours
·    You can work at home when and under what conditions
·    Put all sales data into your sales management system
     within 24 hours
·    Attend the following tradeshows each year
·    Go on 10 appointments a week
·    Visit existing customers every quarter
·    Call existing customers every month
·    Define suspects, prospects and hot prospects

And this is just a start.

The next step is to define and communicate the sales process
for your industry.  Even if you are hiring an industry-experienced
person, all companies have their own way of operating, so define what
yours is.
Look at these items:
·    Where and how do I meet contacts, at tradeshows, networking
     events or cold calling?
·    Once met, what is the next step – send some information to
     the person?
·    When do I do follow up calls?
·    How soon after meeting a person should I be expected to
     get an appointment?
·    What do I do at the appointment? Show your process.
.    What tools do I use?
.    What is the expected results on the first call, do I go for a close?
     Or do I go for a second appointment to learn more?
·    Close the deal – when and how?

What are the close rates for your industry and what do you expect this
person to do?  For every appointment you go on, you should get a
second appointment what percentage of the time?

For every second appointment you go on, you should close how many?
How many appointments does it take to get one new customer?

Layout what you expect.  During the first year, or even better, a 2 year expectation process, laid out by quarter, monitored and updated very 30 days

Targets need to be defined.
    What are they suppose to go after?
        Example, all companies with 50 employees, a certain
        industry, or companies in a certain industry?
    Should they target a certain geographic area?
        The more you define and write down, the more effective
        the new sales person’s effort can be and the more you
        can expect to be done.

Status reporting is very critical.
    Sales people hate to do reports.  
        So please take the time and define what you want, when and how.
        Then get full commitment to it.
        However, make sure what you ask for is what you really need and
        what will really help in evaluation of effort.
        Then hold them to it.
        Do not let it slide.

This is just a small list of the things we look at when we help you to
develop a sales process.

Once developed, the new sales person has to read it, agree/modify it and
commit to it.  All this has to be done prior to you hiring the person.

Doing this will stop the biggest problems I see with small/medium
companies and their sales people.
    Owner: “I expected you to do this and produce this”.
    Sales Person: “I thought you expect something else”.
    Owner: “I don’t need someone doing that”.
    Sales Person: “I am not doing that”.

This is why so many sales people last less than 6 months in a new job.
Take the time in your organization to define exactly what you want
and what you expect.  Hiring the right sales person is so critical
to your success.  Take time and effort to do it right.

Looking for an edge? Could coaching be that edge?
Could coaching make you an even stronger leader?

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Success in generating revenue means building the bridge from talking about it, right to doing it. 


This is the key element that so many people simply do not achieve. There is this ravine between you and great success in your sales and marketing process. 


To get to success, you have to build a bridge to get to the other side.  Marketing automation is the tool that will help you get there, no matter whether you are a profit or non-profit business.


You know what lies on the other side, yet so many of you don’t build the bridge.


You know you need materials, tools, people and expertise to build that bridge and to get to where you want to go.  However, something keeps holding you back.


You hesitate and don’t invest in marketing automation and thus you stay on this side of the ravine where it might be comfortable, soft and easy for a bit, but at some point, you are going to have to cross to the other side or your competition will before you.


So you try some stuff that you know is not the best answer, but it is cheaper, easier and has a lot less risk attached. You decide that you are not going to invest in the right process you need to build a strong effective marketing automation system to increase your sales, instead, maybe you will try something simpler, easier, cheaper.


Perhaps you try to use a rope to cross the ravine.  Thinking that maybe you can throw a rope across the ravine and can hand walk across it, but you know that simply doesn’t work.  Or perhaps you think you can jump across and instead, you end up at the bottom of the ravine looking up wondering what happened.  Or perhaps you….?


You get my point.  You get what you pay for; it’s that simple!  Heard and seen that phrase before?


Marketing automation is the tool that will help you build that bridge across the ravine and help your business to grow.


So the question is, what are you going to do?


1/        First, you have to convince yourself in your mind that you really want this. 

Someone great once said, “if you can see it in your mind, you can make it happen in the world.”  However, first you have to see it happening.   See your sales increasing, your follow up happening, and your appointments increasing, more and more sales closing.  Ultimately, your company growing.



2/        You have to be willing to take the risk.

Marketing automation is a risk.  It takes an investment of money and it takes an investment of time; both of which you could be spending today for other stuff.  But if you want to increase sales to great new levels and really work on building the bridge to get to the other side, then take the risk.



3/        It takes time.

            Once you are committed.  You see it, and you are willing to take the risk.  Now you have to take the time and commit the resources to make it happen.  Marketing automation requires time up front.  You have to design the process, you have to learn the tools, and you have to build the process, test it and make the changes.  This all takes time, but the resulting reward is tremendous.


So, are you ready to build the bridge?  Are you still unsure whether marketing automation is the answer that will help you make it happen?


Two simple things to start with.

1/        Call me and let’s talk about it and how it could help you.  856 358 4021

2/        Come to our Marketing Automation Boot Camp this October 22, 23 in the greater Philadelphia area.  Here is the link:






Marketing automation is key to building your bridge from where you are in revenue, to where you want to be.  Take that first step today.


In today’s world of technology, not providing follow up is totally unacceptable.

You can automate most of the process, so why are people still so weak when it comes to following up?

Why are people leaving so much business on the table, and then wondering why their business is not growing as they desire?


A simple example:

You go to a networking event, you meet 8 new people, you start 4 potentially strong relationships.  Then you go back to the office, immerse yourself in your day to day activities, and what happens to those 8 people?  What happens to the 4?


Do you have one of these in your office?

pictures of piles of businesscards 

Leads that I killed.


So, what can we do about it?

Let’s look at one simple solution that we have implemented and that is working very effectively for us.


1/        It all starts with your smart phone.

Use your smart phone to scan the business cards you gather at an event.

            Do it as soon as you get to the office, or better yet, in your car or hotel room immediately after the meeting.


            I happen to use SNAP which works well with my Infusionsoft product.  However, there are many products out there.  Note:  I also ask if it is OK to send them a follow up email.



2/        Upload the scanned card into your CRM system.

            After the scan, you can add data or tags. 

            You can also change anything that did not scan correctly.

            It is amazing how well the scanning software today works.

            Most times, all I do is add a tag that the contact came from a business card.

Plus, if it is hot, I will add a hot tag too.


            The contact then uploads into your CRM system and creates a contact record.

            Again, I happen to use Infusionsoft as my CRM, as it is totally automated.


3/        Have an automated process that starts the follow up.

            I have built a campaign so that when the new contact is uploaded, the initial following happens over the next 37 days.

            A/        They get an email the next day explaining how I enjoyed meeting them and that I hope to learn more.  I also send then a link to one of my free eBooks.


            B/        Three days later, they get another email, this is one of my articles along with a link to see if they would like to receive them regularly.


            C/        A week later, they get another email, this one inviting them to an event we are doing in the near future.  Again, this comes with a link to join our list.


            If they join our list at any point, the process ends at that point and they begin a different process.


            This process continues with a few more articles and/or invites. 


            If they do not join our list at the end of this process, then they are set up for a different process in the future and receive no more emails at this point.


            In some of our processes, we also add calls, visits or other touches to the sequence.  But we don’t have to remember what they are; the CRM tells us if we need to so something, what it is and how to connect.  All via an email.


The point is that all I did once I built the process was scan and approve the card.  The rest is completely automated.

This is a process for when we receive a business card.  We have a different process for each way we connect with you; both online and offline. 


The statement I started with: In today’s world of technology, not providing follow up is totally unacceptable.


Start to automate your follow up processes today.  Need some help?  Connect with me.  Our function is to help your build the best business development process for your organization.  Increase sales, profit and time.

 856 358 4021


Do you understand your sales funnel?
Do you understand the suspect to prospect to customer relationship?
How are you managing your sales funnel?

Some quick tips today.
Also, see the webinar we did on this process to learn more.
Click here to learn more on the webinar.

When you think of the sales funnel I want you to simply think of an upside down triangle.

At the top of the triangle, the widest part – are all the suspects you have.
Suspects being all those who could potentially buy what you sell.

At the bottom of the triangle, the narrowest part, the tip- are your customers.

In the middle, are the prospects and the process that makes it all happen.
The “how” to take all those potential suspects and create what we call the “WOW” – a customer for life.

As we say – sales is a numbers game. In the world of prospecting, the more you put in, the more you get out.
If you want 10 customers to come out of the bottom – how many suspects do you need at the top? That is the question for today.

Tip one for today – always start with the end in mind – what do you want. How many customers do you need this year to generate the business you are looking to generate?

How many of you know that answer?
Stop right now and think about it and come up with a number.

I need 20 new clients.
I need 50 deals.
I have to sell 500 boxes of x.

For our example, lets assume you need 10 new clients and that each is worth, $50,000.
That means that if you close 10, you generate $500,000 dollars in revenue.

Next think, based on what you know about prospects, how many qualified prospected do you need to talk with, work with, present to, in order to close one customer.

Tip two for today – no one can close everyone.
Come up with the number based on history. Yes, to start with it might be a guess.

2 for 1 – means you close 50%.
4 for 1 – 25%.
10 for 1 – 10%.
100 for 1 – 1%.
1000 for 1 – .1%

Come up with the number, there is no right or wrong.
Do not come up with a number you want, but a number that is as close to real as possible.
You can adjust as you learn more, but you need a number.

Lets assume for our example the number is 4.
So for every 4 qualified prospects you work, you close 1 new customer.

So back to our example, you need 10 new clients, that means you need 40 qualified prospects – 4 x 10.

So to meet your goal, you have to find a way to generate 40 prospects.

Next you have to look at suspects. This is the big field.

Tip three for today – everyone is not a suspect.
Based on what you know, how many suspects do you need to generate 1 qualified prospect. How many people do you need to meet, touch and engage with.

Again, for your example, let say the number is 10
So, for every qualified prospect, you need to look at 10 suspects.

Again, back to your example, you need 40 prospects, so you need 400 suspects, 10 x 40.

So to meet your goal, you have to have 400 suspects, that will generate 40 prospects, that will generate 10 new customers and generate $500,000 in revenue.

Your numbers might be totally different, but they are your numbers.
There is no right or wrong here, it is how the sales funnel works.
If you understand it, then you really can start to build a very successful sales process.
This is what we call the foundation.
You have to know these numbers.
The process then becomes, how do you find 400 suspects.

There is more on the webinar.
Click here to learn more.

There is much more during our boot camp.
Click to learn more
Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp.

Now that you know this information, how are you going use it.
That is what comes next.
Stay tuned.