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Every year the New England Patriot’s begin their season saying, “We are going to win the Super Bowl this year.”


And, after last week’s win, how many times have they done it?


The rest of the league says stuff like:

            We will have had a great season if we can go 8-8


            If we can just get to the playoffs


            If we can just win a playoff game

            Or some might even say

            If we can just get to the Super Bowl.


            Then it will be a great season.


But not the Patriots, they go for the gold.  Nothing less.


Do you see the difference?

New England has the attitude to win it all.


Do you?


As you look at your sales projections for this year, do you say:

This year we are going to double our sales.


Or, instead, do you say stuff like:

If only we could sell as much as we did last year and break even


If only we could raise sales by 5-10 percent


If only I could avoid losing any major accounts.



Do you want to win the Super Bowl or not?

Do you want to exceed your expectations or settle for less?


You need to embrace the attitude that this year you are going to win the Super Bowl of sales.


Let me share with you today 3 things you can do after you commit to winning this year’s Super Bowl of sales.


1/       Get your lead generation process to excel and produce more leads than you need.

            Get the phone ringing.

            Get the web forms in.

            Get the email flooding in.

            Get people to stop by.


            Build you 5 best lead generation processes and your second 5.


            If you need some help, pick up a copy of my new book.


            Target Lead Generation.

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            Or, listen to the Targeted Lead Generation Podcast.

Listen to Targeted Lead Generation Podcast.  Click above to learn more.

Listen to Targeted Lead Generation Podcast. Click above to learn more.


            Click here:


2/       Build a follow up process that keeps you on top of your prospects.


            Automate as much of the process as you can.

            Stop stuff from falling through the cracks.

            Don’t just meet people, build relationships.


            Create a program that keeps you in front of your prospects.


            If you need some help, check out a copy of my book:

Order your copy today - just click this picture.

Order your copy today – just click this picture.


            My Sales Follow Up Sucks.

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3/        Close business

            Stop hesitating.

            Stop settling for less.

            Be willing (and ready) to get to “NO.”

            But be willing to keep going until you get the business.


            Closing the deal is what sales is all about.

            If you can’t close the deal, then you can’t stay in business.

            If you can’t close the deal, then you can’t win the Super Bowl.


Push yourself and your team to the top.

This year you are going to double your sales – you are going to win the Super Bowl.

Get that attitude right, and then work the rest.


But it starts through attitude.

It starts with knowing you are going to win.


Need some help?

Let’s talk for 15-30 minutes and see what kind of synergy we have.0006

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You are going to win the Super Bowl this year.

But first you have to believe you will.








When you teach the people in your organization, are you hesitating?


Are you teaching them everything you know?Coach_Manny (1)


Are you giving them all they need to be as good or even better than you?


Most of us do not do this.


Why do we hold back, why we do not share with people all we know, all we have, all we have learned, everything we could give them.




Is it because we are we afraid?


Are we afraid they might leave us and create a company that is greater than ours?

Are we afraid they might leave us for another organization?

Are we afraid they might be more successful than we are?


What is it that holds us back from giving them all we have?

How did we become great leaders?0035

Who helped us?

Think about that, and you might be amazed.

I know I am thankful that those who taught me, most gave it all.


Do you as the leader want to create fans or do you want to create leaders who are as good or better than you?  We are all quick to complain about the people who work for us and their abilities, but are we as quick to teach them everything we know.


It is a question all of us in leadership face.

It is a question we have to work through.

It is holding our organization back from being all it could be.


Start by embracing the fact that great leaders create great leaders.


What that means is that those that we create, if they take what we teach them and apply it, have an excellent shot to be better than we are. 


Are we really okay with that?


If you want to create fans then you should become an entertainer.

If you want to create great leaders in your organization, then give them all.


Let me repeat again, great leaders are created by great leaders.


What great leaders do is give everything they have, and more.

They give the connections and support. 

Great leaders care, they share and they really do want to create people even more successful than they are.


Great leaders take huge pride in the success of their team and in knowing they helped make it happen.  Even if only in a small way.


If you have the opportunity to teach people to become great leaders.

Take that opportunity and help them.

and then let them go

and see what happens.


They are never going to forget you and what you did for them in the long run.  Yes, sometimes it seems they forget, but when they take a moment to reflect, they know all you did for them.


Ask yourself, do I share everything I have with those I am training.

With those in my organization.


Failure Creates Success.

Are you giving it all to those you are building?

How to create real success in all you do

How to create real success in all you do

If not, change today.


Take a shot, you will be amazed.


If you want to be a great leader and need some help, then give me a call.

I help build great leaders because I share all I know.

Sign up for a 30 minute free consultation.    Click here to schedule your call.






Do you understand your sales funnel?
Do you understand the suspect to prospect to customer relationship?
How are you managing your sales funnel?

Some quick tips today.
Also, see the webinar we did on this process to learn more.
Click here to learn more on the webinar.

When you think of the sales funnel I want you to simply think of an upside down triangle.

At the top of the triangle, the widest part – are all the suspects you have.
Suspects being all those who could potentially buy what you sell.

At the bottom of the triangle, the narrowest part, the tip- are your customers.

In the middle, are the prospects and the process that makes it all happen.
The “how” to take all those potential suspects and create what we call the “WOW” – a customer for life.

As we say – sales is a numbers game. In the world of prospecting, the more you put in, the more you get out.
If you want 10 customers to come out of the bottom – how many suspects do you need at the top? That is the question for today.

Tip one for today – always start with the end in mind – what do you want. How many customers do you need this year to generate the business you are looking to generate?

How many of you know that answer?
Stop right now and think about it and come up with a number.

I need 20 new clients.
I need 50 deals.
I have to sell 500 boxes of x.

For our example, lets assume you need 10 new clients and that each is worth, $50,000.
That means that if you close 10, you generate $500,000 dollars in revenue.

Next think, based on what you know about prospects, how many qualified prospected do you need to talk with, work with, present to, in order to close one customer.

Tip two for today – no one can close everyone.
Come up with the number based on history. Yes, to start with it might be a guess.

2 for 1 – means you close 50%.
4 for 1 – 25%.
10 for 1 – 10%.
100 for 1 – 1%.
1000 for 1 – .1%

Come up with the number, there is no right or wrong.
Do not come up with a number you want, but a number that is as close to real as possible.
You can adjust as you learn more, but you need a number.

Lets assume for our example the number is 4.
So for every 4 qualified prospects you work, you close 1 new customer.

So back to our example, you need 10 new clients, that means you need 40 qualified prospects – 4 x 10.

So to meet your goal, you have to find a way to generate 40 prospects.

Next you have to look at suspects. This is the big field.

Tip three for today – everyone is not a suspect.
Based on what you know, how many suspects do you need to generate 1 qualified prospect. How many people do you need to meet, touch and engage with.

Again, for your example, let say the number is 10
So, for every qualified prospect, you need to look at 10 suspects.

Again, back to your example, you need 40 prospects, so you need 400 suspects, 10 x 40.

So to meet your goal, you have to have 400 suspects, that will generate 40 prospects, that will generate 10 new customers and generate $500,000 in revenue.

Your numbers might be totally different, but they are your numbers.
There is no right or wrong here, it is how the sales funnel works.
If you understand it, then you really can start to build a very successful sales process.
This is what we call the foundation.
You have to know these numbers.
The process then becomes, how do you find 400 suspects.

There is more on the webinar.
Click here to learn more.

There is much more during our boot camp.
Click to learn more
Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp.

Now that you know this information, how are you going use it.
That is what comes next.
Stay tuned.