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Who controls your time?

He who controls his time, control his success.

She who controls her time, controls her life.

It is a plain and simple fact.


Time is Ticking away?  What are you doing right now that is productive?

Time is Ticking away? What are you doing right now that is productive?

If you are allowing others to control your time, you are not accomplishing anywhere near what you could.


Today you need to make a commitment to value your time.

Today start to believe time is the most valuable resource you have.

Today start living like time is your most valuable resource.


Let’s look at a few keys that can help you.


1/ Stop letting the trivial bombard you.


Is what you are doing right now the most important thing you can be doing?

If not, stop and change to something more important.


We don’t get to the important because we are stuck in the unimportant.


Today, make the commitment – I am going to start doing the most important.


Point: Get your priorities in line with your life.



2/ Get started – NOW!

“The greatest time wasted is the time getting started.”  Dawson Trotman


Stop thinking about it and just get started doing it.


An interesting test for your to try.  When you start doing something, write down how long you thought about doing it.  At the end of the week, total the number.  You might just be amazed.


Procrastination can stop an elephant dead in its tracks.


Make a commitment today to start doing.


If you want some help, check out my friend Tim’s great product

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This is a tool that can help you with procrastination.

I have used it myself, it is amazing.  I thought I never procrastinated and I was getting so much done.  Surprise.  Ten minutes twice a day for two weeks, and now I am really fast and moving so much further.  


Point: Stop thinking about it and get moving.



3/ Get organized


Did you know that according to Guerrilla Selling, the average business person spends over 3 hours each week looking for misplaced information?


Three hours – what could you do in that amount of time

You could change the world.


Let’s be honest, we all fall into this.  How many times have you spent 15 minutes looking for a file on your computer, or in your office.


Organization does amazing things.



Point: Either get yourself organized or get someone to do it for you.  




So, let’s take just a moment and think about this.

I focus on the right things, I spend less and less time thinking about it and more and more time moving quicker, and I get organized.  




Do you think perhaps success will come a whole bunch closer?


Start today.

Learn more and get the webinar on time management:

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Sales, Profit and TIme

Posted by Manny on February 21, 2014
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If you control, work and manage your sales,
your profit and your time, you have a great
shot at attaining outstanding success in
your life.

Generate enough top line income, whether
working in your own business or for someone
else and everything else seems to come

Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp

Million Dollar Business Development Boot Camp

Generate enough profit, invest and save
it wisely, and you will do tremendous.

Use your time most effectively and treasure
it as your most valuable resource and you
will be amazed where you get to in life.

Great family, great health.

However, the key that so many of us miss
is that to be really successful you have to
have all three working in your life.

In professional baseball, 1 our of 3 will
make you an all-star. A batting average
of .333 will make you one of the best.

As an NFL quarterback, if you complete 2/3
of your passes, you will be on the top of the
all time career completion leaders.

But in life, the greatest success comes to
those who complete all three.

Wondering if that is true?
Take a moment and think about it.
Think about the real successful people.
You will quickly learn that they have all three.
Think about those who look successful,
but where missing a piece.

Many have 2 out of 3, and might look
successful, but 2 out of 3, that is just
not enough.

At our upcoming boot camp -
Million Dollar Business Development
Boot Camp

We will be focused on helping you excel
in all three points.

1/ Get sales up – are you using the best
tools, the right resources, the right process.

2/ Make money – you will not be in
business long if you don’t. Plus, if you don’t
make a profit, how will you ever save
and invest?

3/ Make sure you use your time
effectively. Are you taking time for you, for
your health, for your family? Focused on
the best use of your time?

Sales, Profit and Time.
The three keys to your great success in all
you do.
Watch the video above.

Are you ready to make it happen in your life?
Ready to kick your sales up to new levels
of success?
Build a sales process that generates so
much income?

Ready to make a profit?
Ready to make that profit work for you?

Guest Speaker at the Boot Camp

Guest Speaker at the Boot Camp – Mr. Ed DuCoin

Are you ready to start to value time as your
greatest resource?

Then you need to come to our conference
this March.

Guest Speaker At the Boot Camp

Guest Speaker At the Boot Camp – Mr. Larry Steller


If you want to create that great success in
your life, then you need to be there.

Learn more – click here.