We honor the memory of those who paid the ultimate price for freedom.

 american flag

Take a moment today, stop what you are doing and just think in quiet peace for 5 minutes.

You have the time.


Think about those who did pay the ultimate price for your freedom and what it means.


We are still the greatest country in the world

We are still the place everyone wants to move to

We are still the land of opportunity


Often we take our freedom for granted.

Often we forget the price that others paid

Often we forget those in the world who do not have the freedom we do.


To the men and women who are serving todayusmc

To the men and women who have severed throughout history


Today we take a moment to thank you and to thank God for all you have done for us.


Take time today and personally thank a veteran.


Happy Veternans Day 2017.


Coach Manny Nowak