How Does Your Application Perform For Your End Users, And What Can You Do To Fix It Now?

So, you got your website or mobile application working like a charm.  Tested it out in your office.  It is great.

Spent a good amount of time, money and energy making sure they get people to take action.

You are ready to roll, right?


However, when you roll it out, the site or application is not performing exactly as anticipated.

Why are you not getting the results you know you should be?


You tested it and tested it on all kinds of mobile devices, and/or desktops and browsers.

You had all kinds of people come in and test it for you.       .


Yet, what is going on?



There is this one little key element that so many of us have not looked at.  One little thing -the networks that our users are working on


The website or application look and feel are great, but there may be some inefficiencies in the design itself; because the one thing you did not anticipate was that it was going to be running on a poor performing, high latency and low bandwidth connection. 


That the network was not always going to be a perfect WiFi or clean 4G with a strong signal.  Often, it could be a 3G or 2.5G EDGE network.  If you have users in remote areas of this country or any other country, you could be running on a very weak or highly overloaded network.


You have no control over where your users are.  You have no control over the networks they are on. Yet, you have to build your application with all of your end users in mind, and optimize if for all network conditions…especially the poorest one out there.


Now what you have is frustration and people leaving your site because they are not getting a speedy response rate. Hopefully they are not posting negative comments on the App Store or Google Play, or other social media like Twitter / Google+ / LinkedIn.


This is a powerful, yet amazingly little fact that so many of us have forgotten.  Remember how slow 56K dial-up was…that was not that long ago; however, seems the same…doesn’t it?


I never even considered it myself until I had a chance to talk with a key developer at HP, Todd DeCapua

This guy had just finished developing a tool that could show this to you.  He asked me to try it on my website and what I learned was truly amazing. 

In less than 30 seconds I submitted the request, and within 3 minutes I received a 25 page report that showed me how my end users were experiencing my site across 5 different network conditions, how I scored with an letter grade….and best of all how to remedy them or where to look to find solutions.


Even though I have no control over where the user is, I now know what could happen and I can build the site to work anywhere on any network connection for all of my users.


How many of you out there got a little shock on this one?  I know I did.  What I learned was that my site was slow on less than 4G networks.  In fact, on 2.5, it did not even run at all, it timed out.  Plus, the 4G I was running on was empty.  What happens when I get on a very busy 4G network?


How much control do you have over where your customer is?  None.


How many of you have been frustrated by poor application / website / mobile app response?


I have been in a number of retail stores and the response for their website, in their own store, is absolutely terrible.  How can that be?


I was in a retail store trying to use their website/app to bring up their coupon. The response was stone cold slow – almost no response whatsoever.  What was going on?  How can I be in your store and your website not work on my phone?  This really causes some frustration.  People walk out.  People get angry.  Even worse, people do not buy.


What happens when you don’t get the response you want – you leave.  End of story.

What happens when it happens again and again and again?

The site worked fine at home when I looked up the deal, but then I could not get it to work in their store.


Think of all the applications and websites we depend on to run our lives and what happens when they are not working right.  When I am lost and the navigation app/website is not working where I am.  I have been there.


So, you, as the seller,  if you are going to spend all that time, effort and energy on the site to make it super, then you have to spend time making sure the piece that you cannot control, you deal with in the best way you can.


To learn more about this great tool, here is the link:


This report will tell you amazing stuff about your app/website.  Run your site through this link and learn all the things that you can do to eliminate or at least limit customer frustration.  Additionally, it is easy to use and easy to understand, even from the executive summary which tells me as a business person what the problem is., to the technical information that tells my developers what they need to do.


Please do not send out your website/app without testing the response on all kinds of networks.  Success will not happen if the person cannot get a response.  Remember: you have no control of where they are.


Run a test today, check out this application, and these capabilities everyone needs to see now.


Many thanks to HP Development expert Todd DeCapua for his great input.


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