Great quote from an old Jim Carrey movie,
“Yes Man”, “Yes: say it a million times, then
say it another million times, what happens?”

What happens is that things start to move
forward and that your life/business/career
takes a turn for the better.

What happens is you leave the rest behind
and you lead the race.

What happens is success.

Do any of the following sound familiar to

Problem: We need to get sales up.
Reaction: No, we can’t get sales up, have
you looked at how bad the economy is?

Problem: We need to go to the trade show
in New York.
Reaction: No, we can’t go, not a good
time to spend the money.

Problem: We need to invest in some
training for our people.
Reaction: No, we can’t spend money for

What would happen if we got rid of the
“No” and said “Yes” instead?

Let’s look at these three situations over
again and see what we could have done

Number 1:
We need to get sales up.
Yes we do and here is what we are going
to do.

1/ Stop focusing on the negative that
is being presented – dump the negative.
2/ Start putting the right attitude on
and face forward – show people we believe
we can do it.
3. Get creative and become different –
this is a great time to sell.

One of the big problems today is that it
has been so easy for so many years to sell,
that many people without any skill or
ability have been able to survive.
But guess what?
That is not the case anymore, now you
have to be good to make it. So, what
are you doing to do to be the best?

Number 2:
We need to go to the trade show in
New York.

Yes, we are going to the tradeshow, in fact,
we are going to do it up right. You see,
many customers of our competitors will
be there. But our competitors have
elected to stay home.
Sounds like open territory for us.
How does this conversation sound.

You: “Hi Joe, good to see you and
Cindy at the show”
Joe: “Thanks, we thought we would see
our supplier here, but they do not have
a booth”
You: “It has been tough on a number
of companies, but why not come over to
our booth and let me show you a few
things. We are doing very well in this
economic times and are reaching out to
really help our customers.”
Cindy: “Well, I do not want to get caught
short if our supplier is in trouble financially.
Let’s see what you have to offer”

Number 3:
We need to invest in some training for our
Yes, and not just training, but the good
stuff. There are some great deals out there
right now and we can take this chance to
upgrade our staff ‘s skills. Beside, once
things really get rolling, there is never
time to train. Let’s go for it, now.

Yes you can get your sales up.
Yes you can go to the trade show.
Yes to you can spend the money for training.

Yes, yes, yes.

The inability to say “Yes” to the things
that will help your organization create
success are definitely roadblocks to
your movement forward.

The attitude that so many people have
about the economy is really creating an
even greater problem. Remember that
attitude controls so much. Move forward
and create success while the others are
still focused on the bad economy.
How much further will you be ahead.
How much ground can you pick up.
How much more successful will you be.

Understand what is holding you back and
get it out of your way.

Success is right there for you, right now,
go for it – Say YES!

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Yes, I am going to make this my best
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