How you doing with that?


Don’t know who said it initially, but JLD from Entrepreneur on Fire says it all the time.


Who are you spending your time with?


Are they energizing you?usmc


When you get other people’s input – the right people – you start to think outside the norm.


Other people see stuff you don’t see in you business, life and career.

Bad and good.

But stuff you need to see.



You don’t have to like this answers they give, but you may just need to hear them.


Entrepreneurs, business owners, sales people and others – stop thinking you can do it alone.


You can, but you can never reach the levels you could with help


Coach Manny’s Inner Circle is on of those places you can start the ball rolling to take your business, life and career to new levels of success.


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Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.

Be more Persistent, Consistent and Self-Disciplined.


Education – watch, learn and get access to the best stuff.

Share your expectations.

Share your problems and issue.


Plus private answers to the stuff you don’t want to share.


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When you wake at 3Am, post to the group

You never know who else might be dealing with thinking about an issue.

Click and put the message out there.


You are not the only one out there!0006


People who have dreams are always thinking?

People who want more are always looking for ways to do it better, faster and for fewer dollars.


People going for the gold – will not settle for silver.


People just like you.


Stop hesitating


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You know how great you feel when you get energized.

When was the last time you had the chance to work with people who pump you up.


People even more motivated – hard to believe but they are there.


Why hesitate?


For a few dollars a month.

Stay as long as it is working for you – which should be a long time.


Be amazed and happy and pumped when it does work.


You put the effort is –you will get amazing results.


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    • To learn there are others just like you, experiencing the same type issues.


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    • Get another view
    • Learn and get rolling.


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