But are you paying attention and looking at your existing customers as a lead source?


Most companies are not.

In fact, as I have said a number of times, “Treat your customer like you treat your hot prospects, forever, and they will be great customers, forever.”


Customers – your customers are a great source to ask for more business.  They might be doing much more than you know of and could use your services in other areas of the company or other divisions.  They might also introduce you to their customers.


Customers – The people you are doing business with.  Your customers are a great source to ask for more business, but sometimes, it goes right past us.


Your customer might buy much more than you think of your product/service and could use your services in many other areas of their company. 

But neither of you think about it.


This is one technique that has helped build business for me and for many of my clients.


First, you must find out how much of what you sell your customer is buying from other organizations. 

Once you know that, then you can put a plan together to go after that business.


Let’s say you are a printer and sell to company x.  Who is a good client, and you do $50,000 a year with them.  The problem is, you don’t see/know/understand that they buy another $250,000 in printing from other companies.  Not just other printing services, but printing you could supply them with.


Another example, you are a computer managed services company, and you support 25 computers for an organization.  But you don’t know that the organization has three sales offices with another 100 devices supported by someone else.


Don’t assume the customer will think of you and mention it.  Bring it up yourself, be more aggressive in working you existing base.


Looking at what your customer buys from your competitor that you could supply is an amazing lead source.  I encourage you to look at how much of what you sell that your client is buying from someone else.


They already love you, so you have such an opportunity; yet, you are missing it.


I remember working with a printer who was doing well, but she wanted to sell to larger clients.  So, we looked at some of her big clients that seemed to do only a little work, compared to what we felt they could do.


After researching this issue, we found 4 customers who were very good customers. Together, they were doing over 200k total with this client.  Yet, we found over a million dollars of work, purchased by these 4, that my client was not doing.


Simple solution when you think about it.  Here is 1 million dollars of business, in four companies you have a good relationship with.  Pick up the phone; take a trip, do whatever you need to do; go get more of that business.


We built a process to go after the business, and it created some amazing results for the client. 

Simply asking, could you introduce me to that department head? 

Could you connect me with your office in that town? 

Do you know anyone in that department? 

They didn’t get it all, but they got a bunch.  They doubled the business they were doing.


Look at your customers and see if this situation exists.  You might just be amazed at what you find.



Source for article:  Targeted Lead Generation Book by Coach Manny Nowak

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